Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shit that grinds my gears...

I will keep this light, fluffy, and as positive as possible but I have got to get some shit off my chest and I figured this was the best place to do so...
So the following is a list of shit that has just really been grinding my gears and I am plum fucking out of WD-40...
1.  I IG'd  the picture this morning BUT seriously skinny friends when you are hanging out with one of your larger friends QUIT FUCKING SAYING YOUR FAT.
I have dealt with this ALL of my life.
I have always been one of the "larger" girls.
I am on my way to being fit and healthier but when your a single digit pants size YOUR NOT FUCKING FAT SO QUIT SAYING YOU ARE.
Have I made my point yet?
2.  When people make you think their life is perfect and happy on Facebook, etc.
First things first NOBODY nor their LIFE is NOT perfect.
I don't care what anybody says we all have faults or cracks in our pavement.
Just stop.
Am I a positive person?
Do I post positive things?
I will be the first one to put it out there when I am not.  I will not fake a status just so others can think everything is hunky dory.
It's time to start being TRUTHFACED not TWOFACED.
3.  Tank bus drivers that drive like they got ants in their pants and leave a bus stop early.
I have missed the bus more times than I can count NOT because I was late BUT because THEY left early.
I am a working Mama of three give me a little room for error...
Like this morning when I was watching you pull out and away from the park and ride as I was pulling in to park...
My "ohhellllllllllllhusbyisgonnabemadimissedthebusface!"
Thankfully I found another route and that bus driver didn't leave til' he was supposed to.
Think he knew better...
4.  University of Kentucky basketball haters.
I have not said one nasty thing about your team so quit fucking spitting shit at me...
Pretty sure we won last year.
Pretty sure your just salty because your team won't win this year either...
So what we are in the NIT.
I still love my boys.
Always have.
Always will.
Maybe you should try focusing on your team and not mine.
5.  When somebody takes something that is yours out of the fridge at work without asking if they could borrow some of whatever it is...
What's even worse is that your initials are on it and it was the last thing you had to eat in the fridge...
Which resulted in eating a sleeve of Do-Si-Do's because that's all you had.

6.  When you tell me you are going to do something and then you don't.
I can't tell you how many people said they were either participating or coming on Sunday for my race.
Did anybody come?
Not anybody that said they were going to...
My friend Tina is the only one that showed up for me.
Love her but it's pretty sad.
I do so much for everybody else and when I need them are they there for me?
I am just really going to start being all about me,myself,and I along with my Husby and chitlins and that's it.
Kinda burnt and the more I think about it the more it pisses me off.
And that's all the negative I could muster up today.
My Positive Polly is now gonna bust a cap in my ass...
Hung this on my rear view mirror!
Even if it was just a 5k...
My next goal is a 10k that's in May!
The Flying Pig.
How does one manage to make getting out of a vehicle even look sexy?
Now Diddayyyyyyyy says stay positive ladies!
Make it a good day!!!


  1. Haha Marcy i just love you and your blog. Luke Bryan cd is amazeballs, Adam Levine looks sexy taking a poop probably, I totally hate when skinny bitches like a size 4 say they are fat and i stand there like...ummm yeah you are fat ass!! Good luck with the flying pig:-)

  2. Marcy- I just started reading your blog and i LOVE IT. i check every morning for a new post. You look FABULOUS and you are a joy to follow. Don't let haters get you down, as Jay-Z so aptly put it: brush that dirt off your shoulders... keep up the great work and keep making me laugh!

  3. Hey girl. I can totally relate with you. I am always the one who is there for my friends, goes out of my way to make them feel the love, etc. etc. And when it's their turn to be there for me....they're no where to be found.... I've come to realize that I'm truly the only one I can count on. Most of the times I can count on my husband, but he's just so damn lazy! I wish I lived closer to you so we could be bffs like Skinny Meg and Mamalaughlin. If you ever wanna take a trip down to FL you just let me know!!!

  4. I HATE when people eat stuff out of the fridge that is yours. Like who eats food that isn't theirs?

  5. I agree with almost every one of these. Especially Adam Levine. YUM-O!

  6. Hahaha love this, although I have to disagree with #1. I think the idea of fat is relative to everyone. I used to be one of the annoying skinny people thinking she was fat, and even though I was only like, 110 pounds, I had been 100 forever ... so for me, it WAS fat.

    I think the problem is everyone thinking they're fat, regardless of what their definition of fat may be. We all pretty girls :)

  7. 1. I absolutely hate it too when the SKINNY bitches say their fat.
    2. I'm about to look up flights!
    3. I cannot wait to come visit you!
    4. You will always be my bloggy BFF and I WILL run that Mud Race with you in June! Count on my word!
    5. I love you!

  8. Girl, allow me to introduce to you what my mother calls the "skinny-fatties". These are girls who have never been to the gym more than twice in their life. They may be single digits, but if the time came for them to run they would make it 10 steps and collapse.

    So while they may look 'skinny' they are fatter than you in every way.

  9. 2 and 6 are on my agenda this week. Love ya Marcy Mama!

  10. Oh holla! You are absolutely right. And fuck the assholes that make their lives perfect on paper. Shit is real. And that's no joke.

  11. Dump those bitches who aren't there for you. Life is too short. You know that. Hugs.

  12. If we were closer I would of absolutely showed, if not ran/walked it with you. And Patricia^^?? HELL YES!

  13. Had to read this not TWOFACED. twice .. I saw sure you said twatfaced ....

  14. Clearly some of those people are not the best of friends...can't leave someone all alone and not show up :( Adam Levine is so fine! I always show love for the SEC ...Go Gators ;)

  15. Love those pictures of Diddy, she is so cute! (and I still just want to squeeze her cheeks)

  16. Preach it sista! Although when I'm negative I just don't post anything, because I get fake ass comments and I don't need the bs!! Lol

  17. Thank you sweet baby Jesus, for brining Marcy into my life!! OMG this post was much needed! This should be a PSA, sister!! Love you girlie!!

  18. Oh my gosh. I love you, that's all.

  19. I JUST watched the episode of Friends when Ross' gets all crazy because someone eats his Thanksgiving turkey leftover sandwich Monica made him. Too funny! And yet, I can totally relate... :)

  20. is that adam levine in that pic? and there's no such thing as "just a 5k"... be proud of that!

  21. I HATE it when people take my shit out of the fridge and eat it!! I will cause a scene! I also hate it when they leave their food in there to rot! I always know who did it, take it,our of the fridge and put it in their room! Suckas!!

    If I was close, I'd have been there for you race!

    Love ya!

  22. OMG...1. I can't NOT NOT NOT stand when a skinny hooch does this, KILLS me. I had a lady come up right after I had weighed at the gym and seeing I had gained 2lbs after eating right all week and working out EXTRA hard that week. She says oh I still got these 5lbs I need to get off, I looked at my friend and said if you don't get her to leave its going to be ugly over here! UGH really come on, I looked at her and said well how about I have lost a WHOLE you (126lbs and counting) but TODAY is not the day to cry about your 5lbs and your weighing in at 120lbs! Thanks and good bye! UGH! so i'm new to reading your blog and love love love it, you crack me up! Good Job this past weekend on running! I have a race this weekend 5k my 2nd one and I'm still nervous! Keep up the good work!!!

  23. I'm on the "fat girl train" along with ya. I'm in a fitness challenge right now with a large group of girls. The problem - when i look at their weigh ins, they started at like 140...and I'm all starting at 200. It is NOT motivating to me at all! In fact, it pisses me off when they talk about how much weight they need to lose!

    Yay for the 5K! I did one last year, didn't get a medal (just the top 3 finishers did), but you know what - I finished, in under an hour - so suck it haters!

    Feel ya on the people saying they will be there but aren't. We had so many people say "of course we'll help you pack the moving truck" and it came down to me begging my neighbors to come help, and putting my 3 small children to work because everyone came up with excuses at the last minute". Don't tell me you are going to help, and then make my 59 yr old dad with a bad back do all the work because you didn't show! People wonder why I am such a homebody sometimes, it's because I have a hard time trusting people!

  24. I'm so with you on the friends who take, but never give. I make it a point to treat others how I want to be treated. Some people it really works with, and they step up. Others I have had to walk away from. Life is a two way street!!

  25. I hate when people diss Kentucky. I'm like sorry, but we are the most winningest basketball program out of the NCAA. That's just the facts.

  26. PREACH on #1! I had a friend that called one day and asked if she could borrow some sorts of mine because she was feeling fat that day. No shit. Notice I said "had a friend".