Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finishing what you start...

I swear I feel like I just wrote one of these posts...
Time is moving ever so quickly and it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that it's already the first day of spring.
Maybe because it's only thirtyfuckingtwo degrees outside as well...

Bullshit Mother Nature.

Regardless I am still the same weight that I have been for like the last month.
I go up a pound, down a couple, then back up.
It's like the more I work out the more I want to eat every carb known to man.
I need help in this area.
I really need somebody to come slap my hand every time I pick something up that I probably shouldn't have but that's obviously not going to happen.
Any help or insight on this would be much appreciated.

Even though I haven't lost in a couple of weeks I feel better than I have in years.
It could be the fact that I have officially hit my 100 pounds lost mark...
Or that I am now officially considering myself a runner/athlete...
Or maybe it's because I completed a 5k this past weekend...
By myself, in under an hour, and didn't stop the entire time.

Y'all being proud of yourself and loving yourself is an amazing feeling.
Some people recently have made comments that I am self absorbed, obsessed with myself, etc.
I can assure you {and you can take it for what it's worth because I really could give two shits} I am not that shallow.
I simply share my story, the good and the bad, to help others.
If I can do it then dammit you can, too.
Call it bragging and maybe I am but jeezus y'all losing weight and becoming fit and healthy is hardly easy.

With that being said I am just really going to focus on me, myself, and I right now.
I am not perfect.
I still have a lot of work to do.
I am nowhere near where I want to be but I am closer than what I was yesterday.

Two things happened to me in the past 24 hours that makes me realize I am changing as a person.
My Mom {HI MOM!} emailed me yesterday asking me if I was going to work out.
I said yes, but of course I asked her why.
She told me she was craving a greasy cheeseburger and fries and wanted me to go with her.
A year ago, well a year ago I would have gave in and went with her.
I would have ate that cheeseburger like my life depended on it and I would have felt like shit the rest of the day...  Hell I probably would have even cried.
Do you know what I did?
I told her no and I worked out on my lunch break.

And this morning at work we were treated to a full spread of donuts, my beloved coffee cake, and bagels that were bigger than my head...
Oh and fruit.
I chose fruit.
A year ago I would have probably chose two bagels and three containers of cream cheese.
No, I am NOT kidding.
My inner fat girl could still probably eat that.
But I feel strong.

Oh and maybe just one more thing...
I went on an outside run last night "just for fun."

Who does that?
I apparently do that now...
Oh and running against the wind with pants that don't fit isn't a good idea just an FYI!

Nobody ever promised me that this was going to be easy, nothing in life ever is, they just promised me it would be worth it...
And it is.

Start of the race where my ankles are hurting and I want to run back to my car...

Crossing the finish line.
Next goal...

PS if you haven't heard yet Jenna , Lori , and myself are hosting a new link up starting this Friday!
These are just two of the many girls that keep my motivation at an all time high.
We want to be motivation for y'all!
It's basically just a place to come every Friday before the weekend to share goals, highs and even lows, recipes...  ANYTHING YOU WANT!
While we support each other and get healthy =)

Make sure to grab the button and come link up!

PS Thanks HUBBY JACK for your mad skillz yo'!
Hey if you need anything blog related he is da man...
Blog revamp, buttons, ANYTHING!



  1. "Some people recently have made comments that I am self absorbed, obsessed with myself, etc."

    ~ Fornicate them with a chainsaw. People always start saying shit like that when your focus changes. Part of it is rooted in jealousy and part of it is rooted in fear with the thought of if she drastically changes will she still like me and/or will I still fit into her life.

    What they don't see is they get kicked to the curb for being asshats instead of just saying whats really going on. So they can either "tit" up and tell you the damn truth on what they feel and stop icing it with comments that are aimed at kicking you down. Or they can be decent and just walk the hell away and shut up..

  2. You look so much better in your race pictures than I did in my last race! I look like I'm dying, which is why they didn't get posted. :)

    Anyway, I think that you are doing amazing and after losing so much, I believe it is natural to plateau for a while (that's what I'm telling myself). Have a great day lady and don't let the bastards get you down!

  3. Good job for resisting the cheeseburger and working out instead. I'm still at the beginning of losing it. You should feel extremely proud for what you have accomplished!

  4. That is awesome that you resisted the cheeseburger!! Way to go!! I think you far from self-absorbed! I believe you are a motivator!!

  5. Hey I'm all for tooting my own horn. This shit is hard and I'm amazed everytime I do something haha.

  6. I'm going to be super honest right now...when I first started reading weight loss blogs, I used to think some of the bloggers were "self absorbed, obsessed, etc." and then when I stopped to think about it, I realized I felt that way because I have never had the experience that you have had. I can't even imagine how EMPOWERED you must feel after losing ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. That is a crazy awesome accomplishment, and if I had accomplished something as awesome as that I bet I'd want to talk about it ALL THE TIME... and you bet I'd want to share the experience with others so that they too would know they could accomplish something so awesome!!! So keep on keeping on, Marcy. You rock! I don't have 100 pounds to lose, but the daily battle to not get back in a rut with my weight/fitness/etc. is a STRUGGLE and I appreciate you for keeping me motivated! xoxo

  7. You go girl! I'm excited to hear about a 10k in the future.
    Also, I'm freezing my ass off and I'm inside! Today being the first day of Spring is a joke.

  8. These assholes need a punch in the neck. That is all. Love you, girl.

  9. You are a rock star and a great motivator! Since I started following your blog I've lost 9.6 pounds so far. You have really shown that with a few tweaks, it is possible!

  10. I love that you're feeling so good about yourself and how far you've come... that's the best victory of all mama!!

  11. Way to have power over the cheeseburger! People will hate on you because they can't do what you're doing and it's bringing up their own inadequacies. Some people only taste success by taking a bite out of others. Shake that off. You ROCK!

  12. I found a healthy balance today. There were bagels brought in for breakfast and I chose the cinnamon raisin with NO CREAM CHEESE! I usually pile that tasty cream cheese on as high as I can but I felt good eating the bagel by itself. I'm counting that as a victory! I am super excited about your link up! I am not excited about my calories in mfp, since that bagel is tipping me over the edge. At the same time, I'm not sorry because giving up free food is completely unrealistic for me. Who's a ROCK STAR? YOU ARE!!!

  13. You go girl! SO proud of your accomplishments and decisions! What APP do you use for your runs?? Ive been searching for a good one but havent succeeded yet!

  14. You motivate me everyday!! Love you'd race pics!! :)

  15. You're doing a link up!!!!! Yay, I'm excited for this!!!!

  16. Love your race pics & that your moving on to a 10k, that is awesome! I feel you on turning your inner "fat girl" down. I said no to chocolate chip muffins at a staff meeting yesterday and no to cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches that one of the kids bought in today for their birthday (I'm a teacher and those kids are ALWAYS bringing in delicious junk every other day! So hard!)

  17. Hey Marcy! Not sure if you've looked into it but if you calculate your BMR it will give you a better idea of how many calories you need to eat. A lot of the girls in MLFC have been seeing results from actually upping their calories! You are more active now and your body needs more calories. Seems counterproductive but you should give it a try for a few weeks and see if it helps the scale move (in the right direction)! Good luck! You are a great motivator and should be super proud of all your progress so far - f the haters!

  18. They're just not used to your confidence it's a side effect of losing weight and being proud of it!! Their loss is your non-weight gain. Dr Suess says -say what you say because those that care don't matter and those that matter don't care!! Great job!

  19. Hey Marcy! Thanks for responding about your running app! I think I'm just going to wait get the polar so I know its accurate! I don't believe the running apps REALLY know how much your burning! haha