Friday, March 29, 2013

My Stachekini Yo'

The days just keep flying by and I can't believe it's almost April.
Say whaaaaaaaaaaa????????

I cannot wait for the warmer weather to finally take over around these parts.
I have never said that before.
Sure I hate the cold but I also have lived most of my life wanting to cover myself up.
 Big baggy sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers.
Don't get me wrong I still like wearing that look occasionally but these days I would much rather show off my body.
For the first time EVER.
I consider that a pretty big success.

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This week I want to talk about the fact that just because the scale isn't moving doesn't mean there are not results.

I honestly was not going to post this photo initially. I was only going to share it with some of my IG ladies and that was it... but then I said FUCKthat! I have worked entirely too hard to not share and there are people that follow my Facebook page simply to be motivated and share in my progress SO... This is basically a breakdown of pics from week one until today. The today picture was seriousl...y another breakthrough for me in this journey. Like crocodile tears breakthrough. Seems silly to some who have never gone through this BUT I felt skinny. Dare I say it? It may not be YOUR idea of skinny but to me it is. ...and skinny sounds so cliche but it's true. Skinny to me means I feel good in MY skin for the first time in so long and it's lasted more than just a couple of minutes. It has lasted days. This is HUGE! Loving yourself is such an awesome feeling. I feel on top of the world. Literally. If I can do this anybody can and in another month I cannot wait to compare those results with these! It is NEVER too late to start living your life. FINALLY I am living the life I have always wanted... happy and healthy! Dreams really do come true!

The proof is in the pictures.
To me they are at least.
I have been working out hardcore for the past month and one week.
Even though I see a difference in the way I look I am actually up a pound today on the scale.
Good thing I don't let the numbers staring back at me send me into a downward spiral these days.
Going more by how your body feels and less by the numbers is what is working for me and my moral right now.
I feel better than I have ever felt in my life.
No, that isn't an exaggeration in any way, shape, or form.
Some people might see this as arrogant but it's not.
Especially if you are losing weight.
One thing that keeps me going is my before and after pictures.
Realizing that just at the end of October I looked like this...
To this...
They may not be HUGE noticeable changes yet but I can see them.
I feel awesome and in for the first time in forever I am looking forward to showing some skin this summer!
Whatever you do, if you are not seeing the numbers on the scale, take it from me and do NOT give up!
Remember what I say to myself on a regular basis...
PS this is totally my #operationredbikini swimsuit for this summer!
What's your motivational piece?
I can't lie because the truth is in my face.  I feel HOT today...  Like sizzle sizzle I'm on fiya and I do have time for that!!!!  #ootd entire outfit is from the Goodwill


  1. You are dropping them pounds like crazy and will be rocking that suit by no time sassy ass!

  2. You are doing so fabulous on your journey!! You look AMAZING!! You are seriously looking super trim, my friend!! I really see it in your legs! :)Love you hotstuff!

  3. You look AMAZEBALLS! Keep it up!

  4. Um hello..amazing transformation! And LOVE your #operationredbikini goal piece for the summer. So you! Can't wait to see you in it, hot mama!

    Sorry, that was blogger creepy of me..

  5. You look so great! Seriously, gorgeous!

  6. Great job girl! You are proof that hard work pays off!

  7. I love that your operation red bikini is the one I shared with you. I'm kinda famous now haha. I kid I kid!!!!

  8. don't you worry about the scale; as long as you're losing inches, that's all that matters. i never step on the scale!

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