Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brownie and Lincoln Log...

Hey doll faces how the fuck are you?
Well I am just fucking fabulous thanks for asking...
...and if you didn't ask I am telling you anyways!
Just like last week those endorphins are rocking my socks.
Being off with the flu sucked the life out of me though I am not going to lie.
Wednesday night about 8PM until Saturday at right around 3PM I was in bed.
I only got up to shower and but on another holy tshirt and some sweats to head straight back to bed.
It was bad.
And when I say bad I mean IT WAS FUCKING AWFUL.
Not only did every inch of my body hurt, yes, even my hair felt like it hurt....
I ate like shit and obviously didn't hardly move.
That equals a gain right thurrrrr.
I honestly am too ashamed to even admit how much.
Normally I am balls to the walls and anything goes but I won't...
Have I lost it yes but I am just right back where I was last week.
I can't really hold myself credit besides the fact that Monday and Tuesday I have stuck right to my calories and birthed ten pound turds from this cleanse I am doing.
I even named them...
Brownie and Lincoln Log.
Well something has to humor me while I am on this Cleanse train.
No cheese or alcohol.
But seriously.
I am working out.
I am working out like a motha fucka and I hope that eventually the pounds will start just flying the fuck off my back side...
I have been at a plateau for far too long.
The weekends sucks for me.
I just eat bad.
I dunno why it's like during the week I am on a total routine but Friday night thru Sunday night I suck.
I need y'all to help me.
Kick my ass...
I will let you!
In other news I posted this note on IG yesterday...

I meant it all.
I am fed up with the negative.
I have gotten so much flack for my new healthy ways.
Why can't people just be happy for me?
I mean I am all about making others happy...
I was even accused of being "into myself" too much.
I don't post those images for my benefit.
Do I love getting nice comments, etc?
Who doesn't like positive feed back for their hard work...
But it's not the reason I do it.
I do it to help motivate others.
I have had so many women tell me how what I post has made them want to get up off that tush and start to movin'!!!
I am proud of my accomplishments.
But negativity is just not something I handle very well.
I wear my heart on my sleeve and it only gets me hurt in the end.
Enough of that but I just wanted to let y'all know that I am fine!!!!
I got a lot of texts and emails worrying about my well being.
I am back and MUCH better today!
 Pinned Image
And last but not least I leave you with some pictures because ya know I AM JUST SO INTO MYSELF!!!!
Dug this beauty up from me and the Hubs from October still weighing roughly right around 200 pounds!

Comparison picture!
Me on the left was from yesterday weighing in at 164 pounds and the picture on the right was from the middle of August and still roughly 220+...
A facebook friend suggested that I do a picture comparing the picture on the right with what I look like in the same shirt today.
So maybe next week?
I have worked out since Monday.
Monday was hard on my body after not working out for 4 days...
BUT I let Jillian kick my ass once again managing to get my ass out of bed before 6AM!
And I ran at lunch but it was rough on me.
My legs have felt like bricks the past two days.
Yesterday I switched it up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical...
I did however fail to succumb to Jillian last night.
I was tired.
I don't know if it's the cleanse or if I am still recovering from the flu BUT I have wanted to go to bed before 9PM both nights...
Last night however Husby FINALLY got lucky {wink wink} and I didn't get to bed until after 10PM!
So no workout this morning either.
I guess I will try running again at lunch today and see how that goes!!!
I do have a 5k I am supposed to do in a week and a half so I need to get my ass in gear =)
Oh and this is me today...
Still weighing in at 164!!!
Hoping to FINALLY break into the 150's here within the next couple of weeks!!!
Wish me luck because I am going to need it...
No to muh haters...
Good God I love her.
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  1. Most of the haters are JEALOUS!!


    You look great and more than likely, they are just jealous. Keep it up gurl!

  3. Get it girl! You are one hot mama!!!

  4. I love your positivity and movtivation!!! You're awesome!

  5. Haters suck big balls! They simply jealous!! And taking pics, is SO helpful in seeing your progress!! I know that is why I take mine. You are freaking amazing and don't ever let anyone tell you different! xo

  6. You look amazing! New follower here.. I love how real/honest/raw you are! Keep doing what you're doing, girl!
    Check my blog out at :)

  7. You may not not have burned calories with Jillian but think of all the calories you burned while getting LUCKY!!

    Making Out: 238 calories per half-hour
    Giving Oral Sex: 100 calories per half-hour (who'dve thunk it?!)
    Having Sex: 144+ calories per half-hour

    Food for thought ;)

  8. Haters gonna hate girl... you just keep on keeping on because for every negative comment out there, there are 100 of us that have your back and are so proud of you! Your outfit today by the way... freaking hot! I love it!!

  9. Definitely you need to rock those boots more. I wear boots several times a week at this time of year. Makes me feel sexayyyy.

  10. You look smokin hot in that dress. Keep it up!

  11. They just hating cause you a hoooootttttt biiiittttccchhh! lol People are dumb...end of story.. You are doing wonderful!

  12. I for one think you're doing an awesome job! A no loss week is certainly better than a gain week! In my experience, people become negative towards success because they are dealing with their own insecurities and your success is agitating that. It has absolutely nothing to do with you personally. Shake it off! Hope you have an awesome week hot sexy lady!!

  13. How can anyone hate on you???? Seriously? You crack my shit up!
    Don't listen to them at all and keep being your amazing self! You look amazing and worked hard for it!

  14. I will never understand people that go out of their way to be negative or put others down. What the heck are they trying to accomplish with that junk? Anyway, keep up the good work! You deserve to be proud of yourself! :)

  15. You better keep postin' those pics because I am one of those women that gets MAJOR INSPIRATION from you girl! Tell the haters to kick rocks cuz you are fabulous and if they can't handle it .. tough shit!! Girl the 150's are so close for you, keep doin' what your doin' cuz it's obviously working =) .. Smile! You're awesome!

  16. Plateaus are a B*tch! I've been hanging on to these last 10 pounds for way too long. I'm not gonna admit defeat but I am gonna whip out MFP and start counting those damn calories. I hate counting (unless its counting money hehe) but that apparently is the only way to lose weight around these parts. What's up with peeps being all negative on you? That doesn't make sense at all! This world is chock too full of crazy folks. Esther Norine Designs

  17. You are doing awesome and forget all that negativity, you know what youre doing and what youre about and if they dont get it...forget them!

  18. That outfit is hot!!! Love the boots :) Don't let haters get you've got an ass ton of women out there that you're inspiring and motivating! Keep doing what you're doing.

  19. I don't understand why people have to be such meanies! They are just jealous, and to that I say F*** them!

  20. 1. Just found your blog and looove it!
    2. That pink and white dress is super hot on you. For real! Where did you get it?
    3. Haters gonna hate. Or something. Keep up your fantastic work hot mamma!

  21. They're jsut insecure with themselves. It's OK to be a little selfish sometimes when you are trying to better yourself.

    On a side note, NeNe was freaking HILARIOUS! When she did the nail biting thing I about peed my pants. I wish I was that clever.

  22. I had that flu... it is MISERABLE. Glad you're feeling better and I think you are freakin awesome

  23. keep on doing what feels right to you, never mind the haters....everyone else loves to see your pics and celebrate your accomplishments. Just keep losing and let the jealous one's eat their hearts out!

  24. I have to say I love your blog. The way you write, what you write about... awesome... and name of your blog - perfect!!!! you go girl, and i'll definitely follow you :)

  25. Way to go!!! You are rockin' in the exercise department!! Don't listen to those bitches that are saying negative things, they are just jealous!! Keep it up! So what motivates you to keep going?

  26. Don't listen to the stupid little girls. They have got nothing on you!! You look so damn beautiful. You are amazing. You are def one my inspirations sister!! :) I hope I look as good as you in the 100s!! :)