Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Vlog

What's up muh peeps?!
How you doin' DJ Mahhhccccccccyyyyyyyyyyy is in da house.
Okay I have no idea what the hell I am even talking about right now.
I am going on little sleep because I just had so much on my mind last night, the kids were absolute train wrecks this morning {I won't lie I wanted to write the kids were absolute assholes this morning but I refrained from doing so}, and I woke up thinking it was Friday.
Need I say more???
You guys asked and I answered!
Enjoy me in all of my cleanfaced glory!!!
Going on vacation for a few days. New GIFs next week. Bye, love you!


  1. you smell so fresh & so clean!!!

    Love your vlogs!

    I agree your parents made you completely awesome!

    I drink to get laid! :) JK {no really} I'm more fun when drunk hehe

    When I come to visit we're doing a drunk vlog!

    I had no clue you were married before! Why didn't I know this?

    you gave me chills talking about Kevin!!!

    ain't no one got time for anal!

    stay away from Nutella! It's addicting! Like spoonfuls addicting!

    your eye makeup looks amazing!
    you look gorgeous!
    Quit driving and videoing! Crazy girl!

    Are you hiding your phone from other drivers? hehe

    xoxo Marcy!

  2. U need to email tlc and tell em we want to have our own Reality show... the ratings would b thru the roof....

  3. I am dying that you answered my question lol!!! My hubs just watched this with me and said "YOU ASKED HER THAT?"!! XOXOXOX

  4. I loved it. You sound so different than what I imagined:)

  5. Oh my gosh I love you. You're hilarious!
    I didn't know you were married before!

  6. Man I am so behind on my blog reading but this is great! Thanks for answering my question :) btw. im sewag on IG and you totally pronounced it how I think it should be.. this was my first vlog of yours I watched, I dont know you sound different then I would've guessed!