Thursday, March 28, 2013

Certified lightweight...

I found out first hand last night that losing weight and not drinking in over two weeks leads to a quick trip to Tipsy Town.
I had such a shitastic day yesterday not being able to do anything for myself until about 9:30 PM last night.
I actually think it may have even been later than that.
My muscles were so sore from my work outs this week I decided to pretend I had a hot tub and filled my bathtub up with the hottest water I could stand and some bubbles.
When I say bubbles I poured a sample bottle of my Husbands Axe body wash in and swished it around.
I make shit work with the materials I have okay?
It looked a little something like this...
One big ass glass of wine and the small amount of Edy's Butterfinger ice cream that was left in the carton.
I worked hard for that yesterday.
I am not sure if it was the heat from the tub or just that I am a certified lightweight now but I got out stumbling and giggling.
Then this happened...
I should never be trusted alone with a box o' deliciousness, a big ass wine glass, and my phone anymore.
I am blaming this on Jenna and Amy for this.
And just look at my skinny ash bish bestie aka my PIC
She took a bathroom pic in honor of me last night!
Aint she perdy?!
...and tiny.
Anyways show her some love because she is getting all crazy with shit and started the Insanity workouts this week!!!

In other news I virtually killed off my friend Kimmy last night...

Oooopppssssie sorry Kimmmayyyyyyyyy!!!!

I basically want to thunder-punch and stick my Frisch's spork in your eye if you bitch about it being, too hot!

I am beyond sick of this cold ass snowy ass piece of shit weather.

Hell I was excited that I got to wear my sunnies to work two days in a row!

 I love Patrick.
I could make a million of these.
The end.


  1. So funny!! I love how you got out stumbling, I've totally done that before, I think the heat doesn't really help either! lol

  2. Oh Marcy!!!

    I love patrick i die!!!

    Quit being so dang funny.

    I have insanity but never tried it. Want it?

    Q&A sometime soon!

  3. oh that bath, i need that right now please.

  4. BAHAHAHAHAH Patrick & Tyra I'm dying!

  5. nothing wrong with being a light weight- now you're a cheaper date ;)

  6. Hahahahha. I want some ice cream in the bath tub. Better get B to buy me some! and make me a bath. With bubbles. And an alcoholic beverage. sigh.

  7. Love it! I always improvise! A glass of wine, a good book and dora bubbles is where it's at!! Holla

  8. I totes think I need to be added to y'all's texting group.

    I think I'll take me a bath's been a while.

  9. Dam no love from the social media world wth.... its ok its ok lol no no pic i may be as u say "skinny".....which i disagree but i want to b toned.... ill get there if it kills me... which it just might baahhaaaa...

  10. Wine + hot "faux" tub = amazingness! Yes, one downfall of losing weight is the lightweight status. Although I think my hubs likes that better. LOL...TMI, maybe!?!? I'm glad you got to unwind and I'm with you girl this winter, cold, ice, snow stuff can pack it's bags and leave. This momma wants to run without layers apon layers on outside!

  11. Something about the heat from the tub and the alcohol just makes everything all right, at least for a little while. Sorry you had a shitty day yesterday. Here's hoping that today is better!

  12. I just did Insanity this January! If your friend needs any help or has questions, send her my way :)

  13. im virtually back from the dead!

  14. I've cut back on my drinking as well so I have the feeling I'd walk out of that tub stumblin' too! You're not alone chica! And you're also not the only one that's ready for warmer weather...spring just has not gotten the memo that it's its turn now. I think it's coming though :)