Friday, March 15, 2013

I almost forgot... I am running a 5k this weekend!

It's Friday!!!
I wanna go home and be with my babies and work on the 10 piles of laundry that reside on my laundry room floor.
Oh ya and have a drink.  I could really use one of those...
But no.
I am stuck here for the next 7.5 hours so I assume I will make the best of it!
This week has been full of ups and downs.
Shall I refresh your memory?
Monday I was on muh Swagger Wagon High!
Tuesday I talked about the health benefits of sexy time here.
Wednesday was a major low point and I poured my heart and kept it real.
Yesterday was a high moment considering I am officially hanging out with Holly in less than a month...  You can read about it here.
Today I feel amazing.
Thank gosh because it's Friday and it sucks to feel shitty on a Friday.
First of all I want to tell you about the amazing link up that myself, Jenna , and Lori are hosting starting next week!
It's basically for those who want that extra push to get their ass in gear.
I know I could use constant motivation.
There are STILL those days that before a work out my inner fat girl is all like, "No, you don't really have to work out today.  BLAH BLAH BLAH {insert lots of negative thoughts here}."
I STILL have diet fails.
I know there are a bazillion healthy link ups out there but figured it was time to start my own and what better than to partner up with two chicks that have managed to keep my ass in check!
So make sure to look out for that next week!
The more the merrier!!!
Which brings me to something that really touched my heart this morning.
Tears you guys.
T E A R S.
Big ol' crocodile ones.
A girl that I don't know all that well {we are mutual friends with other people on Facebook} wrote me the sweetest and most touching and down right heart felt message.
I just KNEW I had to share it with you guys.
It's just another reason that I share this journey.
My ultimate goal at the end of all this is to become a mentor/motivator for other people in their weight loss journey's.
Even though I am not a huge religious person {yes, I do believe in God} I feel like it's what God is calling me to do.
I even have considered being a personal trainer once I get to all of my goals, etc.
The rest of our conversation...
OMG THIS MADE ME CRY GIRL!!!! I am so so happy for you and feel so blessed that you shared your story with me and that my story has helped you!!!!!!
I am so proud of you!
It takes so much courage to do this!!!!
Do you mind if I share this on my blog?
What you wrote me that is????
thanks, I can not tell you how many times I started to type this message and found myself in tears and deleted it and said, hell, ill send it tomorrow. but reading your blog and all your facebooking, made me realize that it is possible for a mommy (not some gym member high and mighty its all about me bitch) to do this, you have seriously changed my life in so many ways!!!!
Don't ever be afraid to tell me anything! I love hearing these types of things because honestly they in return keep me motivated!!!! You are such a sweetheart and you are right anything you put YOUR mind to is possible! It's hard to start but once you do it is so worth it!
yes it is and my body and mind have transformed so much just since the beginning of the month, it truly is a transformation i never thought i would see. and FYI, i WILL be ready for the color run in august, (HELL OR HIGH WATER)
the color run is my big goal for this year, and i will meet my goal, please continue to share your story
We will have so much fun!
Baby steps girl you can do it!

thanks, had to get all of that off my chest so that i could have a productive day, lol!
Well I am glad you did! You have changed my day!!!! I am beaming knowing that I could help somebody! My goal is to eventually be a motivator/weight loss mentor and personal trainer...
you can do it! you would rock at it, the thought of a personal trainer makes my skin crawl because 95% of them never know the struggle of being overweight, you would be PERFECT for this
hell, maybe by next year we will be ready for a Spartan or a tough mudder
I would love to do a tough mudder and you are right... one reason I love Jillian Michael's because she used to be over weight. Even though she is a hard ass she totally knows how it feels and believe it or not she DOES have a heart. I could never be that mean though LOL But I think I cold totally relate to people... I have always wanted to help people I just never knew how and I finally think I have found my calling
i think that you have, props to you!!! hope you have a wonderful day and keep sharing your story despite all those that it doesn't affect, because you have changed my life, and will continue to motivate me on my journey.
Seriously y'all?
There have been so many times I wanted to throw my hands in the air and give up.
But it's things like this that push me even harder.
Even though I am motivating her she has no idea how much she is actually motivating me...
Hope you guys have a fun and safe holiday weekend!
I will be enjoying my fair share of kissing my babies and enjoying green beer...
{Three years ago circa 2010 when I thought being tan like I lived at the Jersey Shore was kewl... and I weighed about thirty more pounds than I do now...}
Oh and did I mention I am running my first 5k on Sunday.
I am.
If you want to donate in honor of me and save some hearts while your at it go here to do so!
It would make MY heart happy!!!!
To say I am nervous would be an understatement.
I really have it in my mind that I want to run the whole thing without stopping but running outside is hard and the couple of times I have done it I felt like I was going to die after maybe a mile.
So it should be interested.
Oh and it's supposed to be cold and rain.

SunMar 17

Few Showers
Few Showers
Chance of rain:
NE at 10 mph
Plus the thought of disappointing any of you lays heavy on my shoulders, too.
I know that you guys have high expectations for me as you should!
For all my running guru's out there...
What type of workout should I do today and tomorrow if any and what kind of foods should I be eating leading up to the race?
Trust me I am still a totaly newbie and I feel like such a poser...
Any help would be much appreciated!


  1. Just start out running nice and comfortable, not too fast, and you will be fine. My first 5k was last St. Patrick's day. I felt so out of place, but that race inspired me to push myself as far as I could go last year. You are going to rock this race!

  2. My first official 5k will be in August but I'm hoping to log the 5k miles before then. Good luck girl! I know you can do it!!

  3. One..we have the same gif today..flipping awesome! your ass off this weekend. You will blow the other people in the dust..then...drink some booze.

  4. You really are an inspiration. 12 days ago I started doing my Fitness Pal and watching what I eat because of YOU! I haven't started expcercising yet, baby steps.

    Kick the 5k's ass this weekend!!

  5. Gooood luck with your 5K this weekend! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. As far as tips go, I would say don't try to do a long run on Saturday. Good breakfast foods are oatmeal, sweet potatoes and bananas. Coffee is also good if you're a coffee drinker, unless it will make you hit the porta-potty. Then, you might want to skip it.

    Good luck on your 5K! And don't worry, if you can't run the whole thing, you will not be disappointing anyone. Running is hard. Just do it for yourself.

  7. You are my favorite. Seriously. And you WILL rock that 5k. I know it. I can't wait to hear all about it!!!! xoxoxoxo

  8. You look great, you rock, you are a true inspiration and you will be awesome in the 5k. 'nuf said? :)

  9. You are SUCH an inspiration dollface! You are touching so many lives with your posts and updates on IG and this fantastic blog! YOU are a freaking rock star!! With you on her side, Amanda is going to reach her goals for sure!! xoxo

  10. Running my first 5k tomorrow! Made the bright decision of picking up a night shift tonight though so the 5k on no sleep should be interesting. Ha! Anywhoo... That convo is pretty much the sweetest thing ever, and I know you will rock the shit out of that 5k!

  11. i think it's incredible how you've been inspiring others when it comes to weight loss and god knows how hard it is! glad i found your blog; been lurking for more fitness lovers who blog about their journey.

  12. Lady, you got this 5k in the bag! Good luck but mostly, have FUN!

  13. yayyyy for your 5k! I saw your results on Facebook already. Woohoo!