Tuesday, March 7, 2017


"Practice being selfless.

You end up getting
more than you anticipate...

When your soul is giving."

It was the night of February 3rd and I can remember it like it had just happened.
I hadn't been feeling the greatest and laid down early.
It was a Friday night.
I was almost asleep and something literally jolted me into an upright position.
I was going to shave my head again.
This time I was going to do it, but do it with a great purpose.
A sweet woman in our community had just found out that she had breast cancer.
Her daughter deals with a severe case of epilepsy.
This family has been through the ringer and I felt compelled to help.
I wasn't just going to shave my head.
I was going to try and raise money in the process (all proceeds going directly to the family) and encourage others to do the same.
God was calling me to do this and I knew it.
I still know it.
Through me he is working greatly.
This year has been such a trying time for me personally.
I have already been through so much in 2017.
However, even with all the heartache, there has come so many blessings as well.

I have gotten a lot of flack for wanting to do this...

"You just want attention!"

"You are crazy!"

"How is you shaving your head going to help anything?!"

"You have lost your mind!"

These are just some of the comments that have been made.
However, that will NOT deter me from accomplishing what I set out to do.
I am learning to be more selfless and encouraging others to do the same.

Here is just a tiny snip about Melissa:

"I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on January 5th 2017.  I will undergo 16 chemo treatments to kill the tumor and any cells. My mess is my message! I hope I am able to educate and inspire to anyone that hears my testimony."

Since finding out her diagnosis at the beginning of January Melissa has had 20 people contact her personally.  Many to tell her they got their first mammogram in her honor.  Two of these individuals ended up needing a biopsy and one was just confirmed as having breast cancer.  God is working through Melissa’s story and it has been extremely powerful.

So on March 19th along with my gym Coach and hopefully many others...
I will be shaving my head.
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My personal goal is to raise $1000.00.
I am quite far from that but I know it's completely doable.
If you feel compelled to donate please reach out to me.
It would mean more to me than anyone could possibly imagine!

"Some Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Your Hair. A couple of the reasons are: You will save a small fortune on hair care products and haircuts, and you will save money on the water bill by taking shorter showers. But the biggest reason you shouldn't miss your hair is because your hair does not define you, your heart does; and you have a beautiful heart."

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