Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Raising a glass to my PIC, happy birthday to my Pawpaw, and Diddy's first year check up!


To my PIC {partner in crime}, best friend, other half I just want to send you the BIGGEST Blog Happy Birfdizzle eva!
We have had or Ups and we have had our Downs but regardless of the situation we have always come out on the other side BIGGER, BETTER, AND STRONGER.
There is not another person I would rather share my good and bad times with.
You have seen me at my worst and you have seen me at my best.
I am so thankful everyday that God placed Kevin in my life so that it would lead me to you.
We definitely have a special bond that is very evident when we are together.
You are one of the only people on the planet that "gets me."
The real me.
And regardless of if you think I am crazy or not at the end of the day you are always on my side.
Hell you have watched Payton be birthed out of my lady bits for goodness sakes!
I have been blessed with sharing in the last 4 birthdays with you and I look forward to many many more!
I hoe that you have the best birthday ever gimp leg and all and I look forward to celebrating with you this weekend hopefully!
Raising a glass to you my friend!!!
I also want to send out a special happy birthday to my Pawpaw today!
He isn't feeling the greatest today but he is in good spirits none the less and seemed tickled that I called to talk to him!
Love that man more than words could ever describe!
In other news I took P for her one year check up today!
Girlfriend is off the charts!
27 pounds and 31 1/2 inches long making her in the 96th percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height!
Sistah is going to be tall like her Daddy but have her Momma's awesome personality.
She also had to get three shots WOMP WOMP WOMP so she wasn't very amused about that!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your best friend! And your PawPaw!