Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally feeling like an athlete...

The weeks are moving so quickly here lately.
I cannot believe the kids are starting their second full week of school!
What the what?!
This weekend was jam packed with awesome!
Friday night I had my girls over for my Tastefully Simple Party and if you still want to order you can go HERE !!!
The person who orders the most product will get an extra special prize from me!
Moving along...
Saturday morning was The Color Run!
It really is the "happiest" 5k I have ever been a part of.
Absolute blast and everybody really is THAT happy.
My only complaint was there was so many people that I was jammed into a crowd of thousands of people like a sardine waiting to start.
1. I had ants in my pants ready to go and 2. I was feeling quite claustrophobic.
Other than that it was awesome and we ran the whole.damn.thing.
No, it did not take me 1:44 minutes to run a 5k!
We ran it in a little under forty minutes but I had started my Polar as soon as we got out of the car that morning because we walked a bit to get to the start line.
I like to track as many calories burned as possible =)
It was also hard to track exact distance and time with my Nike+ app because we kept having to start and stop due to the amount of people!
I really need a Garmin.
My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks anybody wanna get me an early gift?
Didn't think so.
Moving along!
In case you missed it I got into a pair of jeans that have NEVER fit me.
When I say never I really mean it, too.
I had bought these jeans a few years ago as "goal" jeans.
These couple of years have gone by and they have just been sitting collecting dust.
I love these jeans and I got a hell of a deal on them.
One foot in deep breath, other foot in deep breath as I pull them up waiting for them to get caught on my hips.
I put them on with ease.
I did not even have to lay on the bed to pull the zipper up.
Saturday night we celebrated my PIC's birthday!
It was a lot of fun to have a sitter and get some Mommy and Daddy time out.
Yesterday we woke up and decided to get tickets to the Reds game.
I have not even been this year and our good friend Jenn agreed to watch the babes.
We had a blast other than the fact that I almost got kicked out for my shirt being inappropriate.
My "I just F#$%ing walked a guy" shirt.
A part of me agrees and part of me that's pissed.
Where has everyone's sense of humor gone?
So I resulted in having to buy a kids Jay Bruce Tshirt for $28.00 bucks just so I wouldn't have to walk around the stadium the rest of the day with my shirt inside out and deodorant stains in my pits.
On the plus side I fit into a Kids size M shirt.
You win some and you lose some.
So after getting home yesterday I was just feeling pretty crappy.
Being in the heat plus eating bad food just didn't leave me feeling that great.
I decided that the only thing that was going to make me feel better was to lace up my gymies and hit the pavement.
That's what I did.
I only had intentions of running right around a mile.
Enough to get my heart pumping and burn some calories off.
After I hit that first mile something came over me and I was feeling good that I thought I would go a little further.
I ended up passing my house up and heading in the other direction which I had never done before.
After mile 2 I was thinking well I feel so good I am just going to keep going.
4.55 miles and 620 calories later I am finally starting to feel like an athlete.
That is the farthest distance I have ever ran without stopping.
I honestly couldn't believe it.
When my Nike+ app told me I had hit four miles I was kind of in shock.
That last .55 miles was a killer.
And I downed 4 bottles of water upon arriving home.
Traci and I were talking after the color run Saturday about how far we have both came.
In May when we did the beer run neither one of us could run the 2.1 miles that we did then.
This past Saturday we ran an entire 5k and could have kept going.
Our next race is towards the end of September.
We are planning on doing the Hudepohl 14k!!!
It's really exciting to set goals for yourself and succeed.
I have honestly never felt more accomplishment than after I finish a run.
All in all this was a really good weekend!!!
Now bring on the week and more training.
I really am going to try my hardest to cross and strengthen a little more.
I know it will help but I am on such a running kick right now I almost hate doing anything else!
Anybody feel this way, too?

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  1. WOW you had quite the amazing weekend! Sorry about having to buy a new shirt, but hey... SMALLER SIZE! Congrats on that Color Run and that other just simply wonderful run you had this weekend!

  2. Great job girl!!! I've been watching you workout like a beast! I'm so proud of you!

  3. Good job on the run!! so proud of you!!

    I can't believe they made you change your shirt. That is just dumb!

  4. I ran The Color Run on Saturday too!

    Congrats on your mileage, that is awesome! I was thinking about doing the Hudepohl race as well, I've heard it's super fun!

  5. i've never done a "run" but it looks like a blast!! so fun! what a great weekend!

  6. The color run looks like so much fun! I need to sign up for one of those soon. Go you on your 4 1/2 mile run. That is freaking awesome! You'll be running a half in no time.

  7. What?? I love that shirt.. People need to get a grip!!

  8. What?? I love that shirt.. People need to get a grip!!

  9. I like these shirts, they're a medium weight. Bought one for around the house and several others for working out. I definitely recommend