Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saying goodbye to the girl on the left...

{Note: Girl on the Left is the far left picture.  Girl in the middle and the Right is the "new" girl}
Today's post is all for the girl on the left.
It's about sharing her memory and letting her go.
She is no more.
She was only a once was...
The girl on the Left isn't very old.
She existed up until the beginning of July.
She was sad.
She faked her smile.
She faked her confidence.
She did it well.
She was good at masking the pain.
She abused her body.
She made poor decisions with food.
She ate her emotions.
She felt overwhelmed and was quickly spiraling out of control.
The girl on the Left couldn't run an entire mile without stopping.
She couldn't do a push up.
She couldn't do a lot of things.
Maybe it was her mind telling her she couldn't I am not sure.
She wasn't able to stick to anything.
Committed was something she most certainly was not.
The girl on the left was helping others.
That she has always been good with.
The only problem is she was helping everybody but herself.
The girl on the Left was moody.
She wasn't being a good Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, employee, etc.
She wasn't living the life she truly deserved.
She was miserable.
The girl on the right however...
The girl on the right is genuinely happy.
She does not have to fake her smile or her confidence.
She is finally feeling comfortable in the skin she is in.
Does she have her days?
Don't we all?
But she is learning to be proud of who she has become stretch marks and all.
The girl on the right can run almost five miles without having to stop.
The girl on the right can actually do a push up.
She doesn't get winded easily.
She has energy to keep up with her kids.
The girl on the right is sticking to things.
She isn't quitting.
She is a fighter.
She is strong.
The girl on the right is learning a lot about nutrition and sticking to her plan.
She may waiver from time to time but always manages to get herself back on track.
She realizes that every second is a new one.
There is no tomorrow or next week.
There is right now.
The girl on the right wants nothing more than to see people succeed and knows in order to do that she must continue to succeed her self.
The girl on the right...
She is happy.
She is proud.
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  1. Amazing story..thank you for sharing such a personal adventure....

  2. Awesome post. I totally relate to the "helping everyone but herself" part. That is me!

  3. Love this post! You really do inspire me and I know you inspire others!

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