Friday, August 16, 2013

Exhibit A and B...

I didn't do a Weigh-In Wednesday post this week because a. I was off with a sick baby and b. my weigh-ins have kinda flipped to Friday.
I will however still continue to link up on Wednesdays when I can just to share motivational type stuff!
Honestly I am not surprised by a loss on the scale this week and I feel like I can say that with confidence but without being cocky.
Cocky I am not.
I worked out HARD this week and I resisted temptation.
Please see Exhibit A and B...
Exhibit A shows what the Husband threw in my lap after a routine shopping trip.
Normally I would have killed off more Reese's than he did along with drinking a majority of the Sprite.
The treat is always for him yet I am always the one who ends up scarfing down more.
This time I had none.
Okay well a small tiny sip of Sprite but that was it.
HUGE for me considering Reese's are my number 1 weakness.
Exhibit B shows a sweet and innocent {yah fucking right} Husby who felt it necessary to purchase my favorite ice cream flavor "BIRTHDAY CAKE" and eat it in front of me.
Y'all he NEVER eats ice cream.
I proceeded to kindly tell him I hope it gave him the shits and I once again resisted temptation.
I find that it is actually more rewarding to fight the temptation rather than to give in.
I guess it is kinda like a sick game that I am playing with myself but whatever works.
I did tell myself that if I saw a loss on the scale today I would allow myself a bowl of that damn ice cream at some point in time this weekend.
I managed to lose another pound this week bringing my total weight loss since July 15th to 14 pounds.
I started at 182 and I weighed in this morning at 168.
I have also dropped inches y'all.
I never realized how important it is to take measurements especially when you aren't seeing bigger numbers on the scale.
I promise you it really is more than about the numbers on the scale.
It's how things fit, etc.
Most importantly it's how you feel.
I feel more confident now than ever.
I know I have said it before but it just keeps increasing.
I am booming with confidence but I say that in a way that I hope doesn't come off as mach and big headed.
I am just truly happy.
I feel so proud of myself for the things I am accomplishing and it is really showing now just in my weight but in my every day life as well.
I am a better Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, etc.
PS Say hello to my newest favorite low calorie treat!
Only 60 calories and packed with amazing taste!
Mc Donald's Non Fat Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Latte.
Got that?
Say it three times fast =)
PSS I may or may not practice it a few times before saying it when ordering!
Stay healthy this weekend my friends!!!
This shirt was tight six months ago and believe it or not I weighed less than I do now!


  1. I did the Weigh-in Wednesday link up, although my "official" day is Friday too (I weigh every day).

    You and your full-length selfies always look so good. I can't master even taking the picture, and I still don't like how they look. I'll keep trying ...

  2. You rock ... that is all! =) Seriously though, your determination inspires me! I always think I am going to do so good and then the opportunity comes up to eat something I just can't resist and all willpower is out the door ... Thanks for sharing, you inspire me to be better!

  3. Great job, Marcy! You are kicking butt and taking names, my dear. Have a great weekend and eat a dang bowl of ice cream!! :)

  4. LOVE that drink from McD's!

    How many calories are you eating and burning per day? I'm trying to tweak my numbers, but am not having much luck.