Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finally moving in the right direction...

I am sure you are thinking what does this picture have to do with Weigh In Wednesday?
A couple of months ago I found out that my Pawpaw, my main dude, had cancer.
Not just any cancer.
It had started originally in his lungs and had spread to his back and tail bone.
It was also in several lymph nodes.
Basically there isn't much they can do for him right now but make him as comfortable as possible.
It is the hardest thing I have had to watch.
Seeing the man you looked up to always and such a hard worker now look up at you from a wheel chair.
Somebody who was once so loving turn angry and bitter.
I can't blame him I would be, too.
I think that is why I have struggled so much recently with my weight.
I have ALWAYS been known to emotionally eat.
When I am happy, sad, mad, etc.
I eat.
When I found out the news I just turned to food.
It comforted me when nobody else could.
I would exercise to at least compensate some of it but slowly the pounds were creeping back on.
As of July 15th I was back up to 182 pounds.
Almost a 20 pound gain since the end of February.
I was pissed at myself.
How did I let this happen AGAIN.
I felt like I was treading the same water that I promised myself I would never tread again.
Then the #threadeleven and #skinnyjeansfitcamp challenges presented themselves and it was like a light bulb went off.
I was blessed enough to win a free month of online fitness coaching from the amazing Sarah and things are definitely moving in the direction I want them to be.
Which is down.
But more importantly things are fitting better and I feel amazing!
The one question I keep getting asked over and over and over is to share my secret.
Truth is I really don't have a secret.
I am simply tracking my calories (everything the good, bad, and the ugly) in MFP, drinking water like it's my job, and always making time to get my workouts in.
No more excuses.
So far I am down a total of 12 pounds since July 15th.
white girls whenever they order food
I am finding that I can adapt in other ways besides food to deal with my feelings.
Food is not my answer.
And if I do eat food I will eat something healthy and within my calorie range.
This isn't saying that I don't splurge from time to time.
I do.
I am human.
I just now know my limits better than before.

Weigh In Wedneday


  1. And of course I know all too well how devastating that nasty C word is :( My prayers to your family.

  2. Good job and I love the family pics. How sweet! Loving that skirt too.

  3. Prayers to the PawPaw and I am very jealous of your skinny ass!

  4. You look great, and that outfit is adorable!! Sorry to hear about you PawPaw, your family will be in my thoughts.

  5. So sorry about that girl, my grandpa and i were extreemly close and i know how you feel. Mine passed away when I was 16 though and it completley rocked my world. BUt great job on the 12 lbs lost!!! That is amazing!

  6. PawPaw has been, and will be, in my prayers. Along with the rest of your family! You look amazing!! This new and improved lifestyle, will keep you around for years and years and years!!!!! xoxo

  7. So sorry to hear about your grandfather, very sad. PawPaw's are always the best and the hardest to watch decline when they are sick. I have lot's of memories sitting at the hospital with my grandfather. Lot's of sad days and lot's of good memories. Praying for you guys. And on a different note- congrats on a great weight loss. You look amazing!

  8. I can relate to eating through your emotions! I'm working on overcoming that, but I'm sure it's hard when you are faced with a situation like you are in right now....congrats for working through it!

  9. You are doing awesome....and cancer is such a B!

  10. That is awesome! When you are in the right frame of mind it's amazing what you can accomplish. Cute skirt!! So sorry about your grandpa.

  11. Thinking and praying for your sweet pawpaw! Sorry I'm such a shitty partner in the challenge! I should be more in touch!! I love you, you're doing an amazing job and are such an inspiration!.,

  12. You are a huge inspiration! I need you to come kick my butt, I have been seriously slacking lately :/
    I love the family photo & the thoughts behind it.

  13. You can do it girl, we all get off the path occasionally, it's awesome that you owned it and are starting fresh! :)


  14. WOW that is awesome!!!! Way to goooooo!

  15. There are always bumps in the road, what matters is to keep moving forward. Thanks for the inspiration!