Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Pretty Strong Medicine

Miss me?
I haven't participated in a couple of weeks.
I know.  I know.
I have been super busy though.
What?!  Your a working full time mom?!  Get over it we all are!

Regardless I haven't slacked when it comes to my nutrition and workouts.

I have upped my running and I have been sticking to my calories.
I am roughly eating about 1600 calories a day for my activity level.
I am currently working out about 6 days a week.
Starting Monday though it turned into 7 because I let Mrs. OperationSkinnyJeans talk me into doing the 30 Day Shred with my favorite bish Jillian.
I have had this DVD since March.
I have started week one of this DVD multiple times.
More times than I care to admit.
Yesterday I completed the second day which is better than I have ever done.
Sometimes when you have to hold yourself accountable it helps.
My Husband even tried talking me out of it.
He said, "Honey you already ran today one day is not going to kill you to skip!"
No, Mr., that is where you have it wrong!
He thinks I am nuts but he is proud of me none the less.

I did weigh in this morning even after yesterday's post.
I just kinda wanted to see what was up after being five pounds up yesterday morning.
I am happy to report I am already four pounds back down.
I am hanging right around 168-169.
For right now I will take that.
I feel stronger than I have in a long time.

I posted it on IG this morning but I really do feel like you could bounce a quarter off my ass today.


On the schedule for the rest of the week...
TODAY-Cross train for 45 minutes which will include elliptical for 40 minutes at lunch and JM later.
TOMORROW-3 mile run + JM
SATURDAY-4 mile run + JM
SUNDAY-50 minutes of cross train which will be JM + walking around at Kings Island all day =)

PS Stay tuned because this weekend ends the #threadeleven challenge!
We will be sending in our Before/After photos and I cannot wait to see the difference!
As of right now I have lost 15 pounds since the challenge started and several inches =)



  1. Holy whizz everyone needs to stop talking about JM or I may actually be crazy enough to give her a try. You look awesome though! Strength + feeling good >>> pounds lost :)

  2. Wow! Wow wow wow! Love your outfit and your attitude. Gorgeous!

  3. A-FREAKIN-MAZE-BALLS!!!! That is what you are! You are doing so awesome and sticking with it all like it's your job! OWN IT! & I can't wait to see the results! ROCK ON WITH YA BAD SELF GIRL!

  4. 15 pounds is a lot!
    so I'm sure your inches lost are gonna be fierce !!

  5. Love your shirt ... I still need to work on my arms a bit more before I'd be comfortable in something like that. I still prefer the 3/4 sleeves at the moment.

    I guess I'm happy I stuck with 30DS on the first try. I've been thinking about trying one of her other programs too, or doing 30DS again at some point. Hmmmm. I always did cardio in addition to the 30DS. Just a little extra oomph.