Friday, January 4, 2013

We're Gonna Party


The official Diet Bet results are in...
I didn't win a damn thing...

{a lil' early}
The results ARE in though and if you don't already know I won $52.89 to be exact.
I have my ESSITED face full blast...
This would be my ESSITED face...  and I have my ESSITED face today because I just won $52.89 in the DietBet from last month!  ...honestly though that is NOT why I am excited.  All of that money is going to more DietBets anyways.  Sorry folks but money does light a little fire under my ass...  The real reason I am this ESSITED though is because I managed to lose 8 pounds during the holiday season.  That has NEVER, and when I say NEVER, I mean NEVER LIKE EVER {Taylor Swift style} lost during the holidays.  I typically pack on at least 10 extra pounds and I feel like absolute shit.  Knowing this it kinda makes me feel better about those cookies and rice crispy treat I scarfed down last night ;)  We all have our days and today is a new one!  I am so ready to take 2013 by storm and get ot my goal weight!  Hope ya'll have an AMAZING Friday!
Honestly though I could give two shits about the money.
I am a broke betch and that shit will help my a gallon of paint for the new house or something...
But anyways...
I am more ESSITED about losing 8 MOTHAFUCKNPOUNDS during the holiday season.
Normally I am the first to admit that I will pack on anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds during sugarcookiefudgedrinkingtilicantseestraight the holiday season.
It all literally resides on my ass and thighs...
I swear I might as well just rub that shit right on those areas because that is exactly where it goes!
8 pounds LOST people.
That is fucking huge for me...
And I am sure that any of you either trying to lose weight now or have lost weight in the past knows how hard that shit is.
It definitely hasn't been a walk in the park.
I have my UPS and I have my DOWNS.
Hell just last night I scarfed three sugar cookies and a rice crispy treat down my pie hole.
And then felt like shit all night.
My body was giving me the finger and cursing me to high heavens.
But today is a new day...
And to celebrate...
What's better than beers with the besties and painting the new house this weekend???
The only thing I am sad about is I was really hoping that I would win a little more monies...
I don't think the $52.89 is going to get me to St. Louis to have my beers with My Fellow MILF or Texas to see Stephanie or Florida to see Kristen...
I could go ON AND ON AND ON.
I want to just pack all of you up and move you to Kentucky.
But I am sure you wouldn't want to live here.
Regardless even if you weren't mentioned know that I love your faces off. you.
And this summer it's going down at my hizzy.
A bloggy bestie weekend.
It's in the works...
In the meantime stay fucking awesome.
And if you want to see me get to travel to all my favorite places to see all my favorite people and get my ass to Blissdom sometime within the next century go HERE and let me pimp your shit for $10.00...


  1. Congrats on your 8 lb loss and winning my money in the Dietbet! I managed to get to 50% of my goal and I'm okay with that. Have fun painting your house. What color are you going with?

  2. When you go to St. Louis you better hang with meeee tooo!!! :) :)

  3. That is hard work, you should be damn proud of yourself!

    While you were losing 8 pounds I was gaining 8 pounds over the holidays!

    Have fun spending your money!

  4. Congrats girly! If you are anything like me - you will stretch that $52 out like no other!!

  5. Cograts and good luck on the new dietbet!

  6. 8 pounds during the holidays is INSANE! Happy Friday!

  7. 8 pounds during the holidays?! Jealous! Way to go :)

  8. Haha Congratulations!! Losing ANY weight during the holidays would be super hard but 8 lbs?! Dang girl, get it.

  9. Damn, I found those eight pounds you lost. Working on getting that shit back off. Glad for you though! =)

  10. 8 POUNDS - you go glen coco!
    if you could go ahead and lose 8 pounds for me that would be super fucking rad.

  11. Congrats on losing 8 lbs and the money!

  12. AHHH I am from STL!!!

    Congrats pretttty!

  13. You are a freaking machine! Proud of you ladyyyyy!

  14. Hell yes to everything in this post. Winning money is awesome whether it's $5 or $500. Take that money and get yourself some pants that don't make you look like you shit yourself hahah

  15. Congratulations on the $$ AND the weight loss! That is awesome! Alsooo...LOVE those gifs (I find it impossible to type "gifs" without first typing "gifts"). How are you from Kentucky and I've never read your blog?! Fellow KY'ian here! :)

  16. lol... Girl you crack me up! congrats on the 8 pounds! That's awesome...

  17. I'm coming to Kentuuuuky this summer! Lookout!!