Monday, January 21, 2013

Basically I am a good time...

Whole bottle of wine in my owl cup.
It's not JUST for water.
I was amazed.
Husby hates my poof.
He likes my shit straight and flat.
I still have yet to understand why but this was my #ootd for new phone shoppn'!
Twizzler straws are the shit.
Twizzler straws with beer coming through...
Even better.
Stache's Bebe Daddy.
Pretty sure we are going to have a big boy on our hands.
You know how much I just love my bathroom pics.
Hell size 8 jeans.
Want some fucking cheese?

That would be the ghetto biotch that had a muffin top bigger than shit photo bombing our ass.
We is connected at the Vijazzle.
Ghetto muffin top biznatch with her ass crack hanging out.
Gotta love redneck hillbilly's at the dart banquet.
Tongue contest.
I win.
I had more spills than I have ever had.
I am blaming it on my equilibrium being off.
Kissy Kiss.
That's talent.
Oh ya and this definitely happened.
Getting our HoneyBooBoo'n on.
I told her I wanted to be like lady and the tramp.
This was OBVIOUSLY the end of the night.
 I did manage to stay sober enough through out the weekend to snap these precious photos as well...
Do you not just die over that face?!
Chocolate pudding.
She loves it.
...and I cannot quick cracking up at the bottom left picture.
...and we have two teefers!
The end.
Clean Ring=Happy Wife.
I love that my girls love owls as much as I do.
They love their new bedding and so do I!
Basically this post is to make you guys jealous that you don't live here with me.
I am a good time.
The end.
PS If you missed it I did a guest post HERE and my girl Rachel's place over the weekend!
Be sure to go check that shit out ;)
Oh and PSS...
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  1. The barbie saying bye is the best!!!!

  2. I am jealous of these bud light pitchers!This looks like a hell of a good weekend

  3. Cups that hold full bottles of wine do bring a certain amount of joy to my life, I must agree.

  4. OMG. I have never put wine in my water cup. What a GREAT IDEA. I'm on that. Soon.

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love the choc pudding pics :) We totally have like the same wedding rings! Good taste!

  6. Looks like a fantastic weekend!

    Size 8!!! Congrats! I'm a 13...but I do have these massive hips....LOL

  7. Oh wow, you are hilarious!!
    I guarantee it was a good time :)