Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You ain't gotta leave but get the...

Today is a big deal for this leetle slice of the interweb.
I am guest posting over at my crazy ass Nancy Fucking Clue's  place.
Can't wait to see what all of my haters will have to say about this one!
Oh and PS...
This WILL happen one day.
It will be epic.
Oh and if you are a hater...
You ain't gotta leave BUT


  1. Hi Marcy! It's Darci, Holly kept saying I needed to come check you out AND we did both receive the Hubby for Girls That Scare HJ...so I think we need to BFFs! Feel free to add my face to that picture above too! xo

  2. Wait a minute... you have haters?!?!?! :(


    And someone bashed you..us..everyone? Where is this site! Bastards!

  4. you are so fucking amazing! :)

  5. hey! neat thing: the rhinestone UK koozie you have in one of your guest post pics is from my family's company {we design and make collegiate products}..i can just barely make out my last name and our logo in the pic. ha! sorry, that's just crazy to me. oh loved the guest post, btw.
    i can't swallow either.... #sick

  6. you aint gotta leave but you gotta get the fu** up outta here ....I see you... you gotta lil black girl in you

  7. Ohhh Marcy! lol You crack me up. Loved your post over there.
    Those prissy bitches can't handle real life talk. Like I said on InstaG last night, those hataz better redneckonize!!
    And, no, you are def not alone on the no swallowing..I don't even like the salty taste in my mouth at all, so HELL NO I'm not about to swallow the shit. So bj's are a special treat for my hubs because they don't happen near as much as I'm sure he'd like.
    Oh & I have seen you talk about Nancy Fucking Clue before but I had never checked her blog out. I read her about me & that was enough to get me follow! I'm gonna check her posts out!

  8. OMG... I am DYING at that picture of you, me, Kristen, and Holly! How much fun would that be!?!?! We gotta make this shit happen. Thanks so much for guest posting! I think you were a huge hit! And I even gained some followers out of the deal. Pussies, queefs, BJs, and drunkenness FOR THE WIN!!!! xoxo

  9. I love you. I seriously love you even more. I read that post. You are brilliant. Fuck those haters. FUCK THEM!

  10. I'm not even sure how I found your blog tonight but I'm glad I did! hahaha hilariouss!! & as far as haters go, you know you must've made it when people are talking shit!! so holllaaa!!

  11. Where the HELL is this social media sight that is talking shit about you?? That was the funniest guest post I have ever read. You crack my ass up for real. I think I like you so much because you are so real and you don't give a shit what anyone else thinks.