Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Technical difficulties...

I’ll stop spamming you with Big Ang GIFs now.
I am very close to throwing my cellular device out of the 31st story window.
It will NOT upload the second half of my Vlog from last night...
You bitches just wait.
You are in for a real treat.
Honestly maybe this is God's way of telling me that I shouldn't share it...
But whatever.
I don't listen to anybody and I pretty much do what I want.
I will either gain a bunch of followers or lose a bunch of followers.
Either way I will still continue to be awesome.
Somehow I still managed to look halfway decent today even staying up four hours past my normal bedtime and dealing with a teething 5 1/2 month old at 3AM this morning.
My Husby refers to this as my sexy librarian look.
Anything with me and sexy I like considering most of the time everybody refers to me as "cute."
I fucking hate that shit.
The word cute makes me feel like I am eleventeen.
I am 27...
I no longer want to be referred to as cute.
I want to be hot and saucy.
Okay I don't even know where this is going...
This post was basically to tell you bishes to calm the f down.
The Vlog will be uploaded come hell or high water.
In the meantime I am a day late weighing in for The Biggest Loser that my fellow MILF Becky is hosting.
I am going to be totally honest.
I didn't want to weigh in.
I didn't even plan on stepping on the scale at all this week.
That's how afraid I was of the damage I had done over this past week during our hellacious move.
I put on my big girl panties and stepped on the scale this morning.
Starting weight:  169
Current weight:  167
Goal weight:  140
I actually lost two pounds?!
Even after I ate us out of house and home.
Okay that's a lie.
Sort of.
But my inner fat girl really showed this past week and I was feeling quite shitty about it.
I guess I really did work my ass off this past week!
I am back to the grind and I am focused.
My goals for this week are to drink as much H20 as possible and shake my tail feather a little more...
Something along the lines of this...
Work da booty.
Stay tuned...


  1. 2 lbs is amazing! Moving I'm sure had you burning a lot of calories :)

  2. Girl...you are amazing. I swear I need you for a workout coach!

  3. That's about the only thing moving is good for. I told you you needed that beer and icing as fuel.

  4. Your posts make me so happy and always make me laugh! That is awesome about the weight loss, I love when that happens after a fatty mcfatty eat-a-thon!

  5. Great job losing that 2lbs & good luck with your weigh in next week.
    Looking great!

  6. my hubs always says cute too! hate that! I don't think they think it means, what we think it means....but I agree. I don't wanna be cute! lol. Babies are cute !

  7. Congrats on the weight loss....that is awesome! Can't wait for your vlog, but I am being very patient.

  8. lol if you shake your bootay like the above picture I must see a vlog of it lol! Haha! OMG that rocks you lost two more pounds, you look HOT girl and JWOWW skinny! Love it...lol he calls it the sexy libraian look. You are rocking it! So glad the home front is getting finished, I can't wait to see pics and that vlog you have in store for us and hope the babes teefers stop hurting soon that stinks.


  9. You do look like a SEXY librarian (is that a weird thing for me to say? lol) but yes, I agree I dont want to be "cute" I want to be "sexy"! And hollllaaaa for losing 2 pounds! Y

  10. LOL I love Phaedra!!! Shake your booty girl! 2 pounds are amazing!!!

  11. Great job on the weight loss, sexy mama! I'm avoiding the scale for a month to see how it works out for me. I'm thinking not good.

  12. Great job!!

    I was thinking about the donkey booty video debacle last night. Does it mean.... ASS ASS? I'm so confused!!

  13. New follower and reader to your blog. Great job on the two pounds lost!! woo hoo!!

    if you like you can pop by my blog when you have a moment


  14. You're looking great lady!!! I would love to see you do that booty shake. I think i would fall down and not be able to get back up if i did that.

  15. You will always be awesome!!! I'm excited for the vlog! :)

  16. Eff technology. I want to see your vlog!

    I hate being called "cute" too - anytime my boyfriend tells me I'm cute, I respond with, "Oh, so you like dating a 12 y/o?!"

    You're looking skinny, girlfriend Work it!

  17. I love that a lot of your gifs are shows that I watch! lol
    Phaedra and her donkey booty.
    Am I weird for actually wanting to try that move?!
    I'm gonna have to when I start working out! lol
    Can't wait see your Vlog! & Congrats on the 2 lbs! Just remember you've been working your ass off cleaning and moving,...that's a workout in itself! :)

  18. SEXY LADY! :) You're so CUTE! JK! I get that a lot too... and dang .. you're 27? ME TOO! Although people think I'm still 18 :( I hate that crap !

  19. ha ha!!! You crack me up!!! And thanks for the MILF compliment ;-) You are doing great and I think you look like a hot mama already!!! woohoo!

  20. Totally random but I know we talked in MLFC how our babies were born on the same day (or around the same day). Is yours normally up at 3am or is this a recent thing? My son's sleeping sched has gone INSANE this past week and I can't figure out if it's normal or because my hubby just got home from deployment. Anyways! Love your blog - keep up the great work and being an inspiration <3

  21. Great job on the loss this week - moving is stressful and a lot of hard, physical work so I'm sure you burned more calories than you thought you did! Keep up the great work! And btw, I'm sure that if you "walked" like the woman in the last gif around the gym, no one would call you "cutie" ever again, haha. ;)

  22. Congratulations on your loss! I hate moving. It's a lot of work, so I'm sure you got tons of exercise with the move alone.

    Keep up the good work!