Monday, January 21, 2013

I have a condition that prevents me from dieting...

This is me.
Pink hurrr and all.
I don't know what the hell my problem is.
I will be good for days upon days and then bam for like a week I am eating everything in sight.
I am the IRL version of a garbage disposal.
Somehow though even with consuming all the beer I threw down this weekend, the entire omelet I had a four in the morning from IHop and that entire sleeve of Girl Scout Shortbread cookies I threw down at midnight last night...
Pinned Image
I managed to stay the same on the scale.
In all honesty I should have gained.
I will take it.
What I am currently feeling like.
Pinned Image
I will kick these fat cells ass.
I must get out of this funk I am in!
Me talking to myself about pretending that it isn't all that bad...
It is THAT bad.
I need to get my shit together or imma be fat girl status in a quick second.
Any of y'all suffereing from the same things I am right now?
I hope you aren't but dam I could seriously use a swift kick in the ass!
And just for shits and giggles...
I think I just peed myself.
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  1. I feel your pain! Hubs & I haven't even started eating right yet, but still, I notice days where I could (& do) eat annnyyyything my little heart desires. I've eaten sooo bad this weekend & I notice it, but it TASTES. SO. DAMN. GOOD!
    I've actually gained about 5lbs this month. Bleh.
    Anywhooo! Don't be discouraged! :)
    You also just reminded me I need to watch the RHOA episode from last night! ;)
    I "liked" your picture! Good Luck!

  2. tehehehe :) That barbie thing cracked me up!!

    Get on it sister friend! I believe in you! We all fall off the wagon every once in a while...just get back up there!!


  3. I said this somewhere else today too, but I have been going out of my way to stay away from those evil little girl scouts! I swear they must be plotting against me because they are EVERYWHERE!

  4. Stay the same is better then a gain. That is one of my favorite sayings. I am on a see food diet. I see food and eat it :)

  5. Omg that Barbie is too funny! I am on the see food diet too! Must be a trend.

  6. I love your post : ) I have been dealing with this for two weeks. I figure the only thing I can do is stand up, brush the cookie crumbs off my shirt, and start again. As much as I have to until I get it right.

  7. omggg the barbie gifs are too much..too much!

    duct tape your hands to bottles of bud light and then you'll be on a permanent liquid diet!

  8. gurllfrannn I feel your pain!! I am so struggling with this..but for once in my life I am happy with where I am! I think you look super amazing!

  9. i love you so much! this is the best post ever!!!!!!

  10. God, you kill me. And your drunken texts! LOL! I am making Chris re-do your buttons as soon as he finishes studying. I guess it just takes a lot of time to resize them and create new html for them. Sorry, lady. Me wuv yew.

  11. The Barbie pictures are hilarious!

  12. OMG I am the same way!! I can do good for a week then Im back on the seafood diet! I say that all the time

  13. maybe you should consider ripping your arms off. I mean... it might help. Or maybe you can do one arm and one leg!? Just sayin'

  14. Lol I love this! I've been a human garbage disposal most of my life too, then I got a sit down all day job and stuff started spreading...
    So far its only like 10 ish pounds and I'm tall so its not a huge deal, but I notices. People say 'eventually it'll catch up to you' and they are NOT lying

  15. Omg, that Barbie thing is hilarious.

  16. It least it's not a gain. I think we all struggle with this at one time or another. Especially around that TOM. I know I do. BUT, today is a new day. Start fresh and don't lose sight of your goal. You're so close.

  17. I keep messing around with the same 3 pounds, and I'm not really going anywhere, it's pissing me off! I'm on WW but just started counting calories too because I feel like WW lets you eat a little more in some cases? I've been running, well crawling on my treadmill 3 times a week....and eating pretty good for 3 weeks, and I'm still not really losing! EFFF!! any advice?

  18. bahhahaha I luhrvvv your barbie pics

  19. I've been good during the week. Then I ate a Twix at 3:34 and don't even have the balls to regret it.

    I gained back most of the 20 pounds I lost last year and that sucks. I need to push harder.

  20. HOW have I not seen your blog before! New follower from the linkup. You and I have the same current and goal weight and this is a sucky battle. I want to eat eat eat and drink beer beer beer and sadly that is not helping me lose weight. lol! Anyway, I look forward to reading more!! Xo

  21. Bahaha - this post was hilarious! I seriously can't ever diet because my first day in I'm so freaking hungry! Haha, I guess you just have to get past that point, LOL! That Barbie thing is hilarious too! New Follower From the linkup!

  22. LOL! I loved your post :) I too struggle from being hungry all the freaking time! It's like my body is taunting me with hunger - then I eat and feel immediately guilty! Ahh!