Monday, January 28, 2013

This Weekend I...

This weekend I...


Showed off how I could basically open up my own bar if I wanted to...
Snuggled with the bebe girl...
Got happy really early in the morning which NEVER happens so I found it necessary to document...
Cheered on my FELLOW MILF a day early...
It's the thought that counts right?
Showed off how I am not ALWAYS beautimous...
Listened to straight #oldschoolboybandz while getting beautimous...
Danced with teething bebe to make her smile...
Wore fun shoes for a day out of shopping...
Found it necessary to get up close and personal with the camera...
Took a picture of a ladies shoes who I am quite sure is a HUGE fan of The Wizard of Oz...
Date night that was documented pretty successfully...
He was hungry.
My mess.
Infamous bathroom pic!
The night did end out early because of Husby's Crohn's acting up but we ended it the best way possible...
...I shot guns.
I do believe I am becoming a certified bad ass.
Oh and lastly I documented that I do wear a #cleanface sometimes and take showers...
I think I am still hungover and I have 7 pounds to lose by Friday for the DietBet I did this month...
So here's...
Still hungover.
...and my Ex-Lax regimen for the next five days...


  1. Wait...we're supposed to shower sometimes?? :)

  2. I needed some Marcy in my life this Monday morning!! Always brightens up my day!! P is the cutest! Sounds like my kind of weekend!!!!

  3. Between your personal bar and mine, we could open the best bar ever!

  4. Love the gun! You are a certified bad ass!

  5. BAD ASSSSS! :)

    presh date night! Showers are overrated, duh!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend to me

  7. A few things....
    Where do you get your moving images? (And I love that they're mostly all Bravo shows!!)
    Love your cute out and about shoes!!
    You look great in your bathroom pic!
    And you remind me of Debi Mazar (

  8. I just realized I need to create order amongst my bar and bar pantry. That's on the list for this week.

    Super cute flats.

  9. You did all that in one weekend? I'm impressed. I'm also very impressed with your alcohol collection. Also jealous.

  10. I want to try that apple ale right now! Also, totally loving your bar supplies! Our stuff is all spread out shoved into corners because we have no storage space, I would die of happiness if we had a designated area like that. Fun weekend!

  11. i still love that badass picture of you! holla!


  12. New follower from Holly's blog. You are a girl after my own heart.... Nkotb.... doesn't get much better than that!

  13. i already liked all your pictures on IG, so I know what you did over the weekend haha [im an IG stalker] ;) I was wondering if you would like to guest post on my blog? i would be honored if you accepted!! I know i don't have many followers but in my one month of starting my blog i've gotten 75 new followers, & 500+ IG followers! you can email me anytime at

  14. Love your shoes!!
    What a fun weekend. I've got a feeling you always have a good time though no matter what your doing!

  15. HAHAHA I love the barbies! Looks like you had another fun weekend! You put my weekends to shame! haha!!