Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A bunch of shit... Literally

Well shit.
I came down with the itis yesterday and I am not kidding when I say I was in bed ALL FUCKING DAY yesterday.
I don't know if I have ever laid that still for that long.
I couldn't even tell you everything that was wrong with me.
You know something isn't right if 1.  I lay in bed all day.  2.  I am not well enough to drink.
Both things happened.
 Then this morning I found myself cleaning up dog shit and giving him a bath all while trying to take care of my fussy teething baby and getting ready.
It was a SHITTIN' good time...
...and not only is our Internet at the new house not hooked up yet my phone was failing me yesterday as well.
Which means no post went out.
Which meant you bitches went bat shit crazy.
Sick and all I was still trying but it just wasn't happening for me.
Have no fear.
I am back and in rare form per usual.


First and foremost I am hooking up with my girls Erin & Alex for Weigh-In Wednesday.
Which here over the past couple of weeks are becoming my least favorite days of the week.
I don't know what has crawled up my ass here lately but it needs to get the fuck out.
My nights have been filled with those god forsaken girl scout cookies and my days with just as much junk.
Somehow I have managed to stay the absolute same though so that's encouraging I guess.
I keep telling myself I could have gained...
Instead I am stuck at 167 and I am over it.

I know that I have to work out.
I know I have to step my shit up.
I so badly wish I had somebody who was willing to physically force me to do these things.
I always give myself fits saying that I could be doing more important Wife and Mommy things.
I know that is the wrong way to think.
I need to put myself on one of those front burners.
I MUST put myself on one of those front burners.
And soon...

I was also mentioning the other day about how I have been wanting to do The Color Run for a while now.
I just got an update that they are coming back to Cincinnati in August.
I was originally going to do the Louisville location but unfortunately that falls on my daughters birthday weekend.

My question is would anybody want to come down in August...
I'll be the host and we can have a Bloggy Slumber Color Run Weekend?
Let me know your thoughts!
I have been wanting to host some sort of bloggy event for awhile now and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

...and since I didn't get to do so yesterday I am also taking today to link up with my pretty friend Whitney for
Facts of Me:
~My Mom used to take me once a month as a child to get my hair fried and give me a two hour long contact buzz from a bottle...
~We got married the same day that Prince William and Kate did...
I picked the date first biznatch...
~This has happened to me before...
~I am an infamous drunk texter.
If you like these sort of shenanigans than email me yo' digits.
~I sadly do not have a picture of it so you will have to take my word for it BUT I am a legit farm girl.  I showed cattle for a couple of years in local fairs.
Won first prize for a couple of them.
I would like to think it was for my smile and not the actual cow...
But that's neither here nor there.
~I hate clothes...
Bringing sexy back since Circa 1985...
~I took tap and ballet when I was leetle.
Now the best dance move I got is the pointed finger and the most awful version of the sprinkler you have ever laid eyes upon.
~Coffee Makes Me Poop.
~I was born on September 11th.
Same day Pete Rose hit some sort of record or something.
I should know since my parents remind me of this every.single.year.
I also am constantly reminded that I have the worst birthday ever.
No, no I don't.
~I won 2nd place in a contest for most creative belly shot when I was pregnant with P from this past year.
That's all I have.
I really need to get some work done.
I love you betches.
PS Please go HERE, go to the Cutest Couple Album and like the following picture:
Love you betches.


  1. Marcy you make me smile... every damn day, good mood or bad mood, you make me smile! :)

  2. For the record, yes I was going bat shit crazy yesterday without a post! Hope you are feeling better today ;0)

  3. Love the belly shot! I would love to come down in Aug..the whole run thing looks actually running..not so awesome..I could for real get some black eyes!

  4. Are you feeling better yet? Cause, I'm still sick(ish). I've been congested with crap since Saturday morning. I'm not kidding when I tell you I've tried SIX different medicines to get rid of this crap. Saturday was my best day...mainly because I did lots of shots of vodka. hehe.

  5. I 100% Agree with Erin! i was having Marcy withdrawals yesterday! lol
    P.S. How do you get those things on your blog? I must know ;)

  6. My sons birthday is September 11 as well...its a GREAT DAY ;)

  7. My sons birthday is September 11 as well...its a GREAT DAY ;)

  8. haha love this. I'm your newest follower from Whitney's link up. :)



  9. LMAO.

    This is why I love you. You sound so much like me.

    Coffee makes me poo.

    And as soon as you email me.. I am giving you my number so you can drunk text me.

    It would be the ish...

  10. You were the cutest baby eva! You preggo pic is to die for!

  11. Your blog makes me so happy everyday. Preggo Pic is fabulous... Wish I could join the slumber party - but St. Louis is quite far away - boo:(

  12. I will read any blog post that has shit in the title. My friends and I are always saying shit, talking about shit, stepping in shit. I'm very comfortable with shit.

  13. I've probably said something similar already, but you're fucking hilarious. We are so alike, if I said half this shit out loud

  14. Haha love that last gif!! You never fail to make me crack up laughing. I showed cattle back in the day too!

  15. I wish I lived close enough to do the color run with you! Waaah!

  16. I am now depressed - you were in diapers when I was in junior high - excuse me while I go find the tequila ;-)

  17. Holy crap I laughed so hard! I love the little pictures you have because I loooove Shahs of Sunset and Housewives. And coffee totally makes me poop too!

  18. Oh this post, so much awesomeness. First off, yay all the MJ. And yessss to all the positive Neenee...I was a little mad at for dissing "the donkey booty" on the last ep cause that's def what I stallion booty here haha.

  19. I don't know what part is my favorite..all the booze references, the barbie gif, the random facts..oh I know, the tap dancing picture! Adorable! As a former tapper myself. Shuffle ballchange my friend.

  20. Ok A) That first " I need to get drunk right now" gif made me spit beer out in laughter. B) You don't know how many times I have begged for someone to follow me around and force me to exercise. Hubby tries but I don't like when he does it. LOL.

    ...Coffee totes makes me poop.HA!

  21. I followed you through Girl Booklet and now I'm so glad I have. You're hilarious! :)


  22. Your preggo pic is too cute :) And chicka you have my digits right? I would love some texting shenanigans!