Thursday, January 24, 2013

Making shit fancy. And shit.

Oh Pinterest!
How I love thee.
You make me bat shit crazy and make my ADHD/OCD fly off the handle at any given moment.
Funny Confession Ecard: TODAY: 1. Go to pinterest to look up that one recipe. 2. OMG I have to pin everything! 3. Bake nothing.
I pin shit.
I wannt do it so bad...
and then I go on to something else.
Someecards Pinterest Humor Wine And Pinterest
{a gal can dream right?}
I can't tell you how many things I have actually bought to start from the ideas I have found but have yet to actually do.
Hence the reason I haven't linked up with the BEAUtiful Stephanie and Katie in quite some time.
Another fail.
But here I am back and returning in all my glory.
I decided to keep this project relatively easy.
Don't give me a tongue lashin' yet peoples.
I have been in the process of a crazy ass move that almost landed my ass a one way ticket to the Beddy Ford clinic.
Sick Husband.
Sick kids.
Dog shit.  Literally.
Baby steps people..
Baby steps.
So my Pinspiration for this week was this:
Pinned Image
And this is what I came up with...
Kiss my fancy ass.
But seriously is this not adorable?
Okay I know all it took was a trip to the dollar store but I seriously die over the cuteness of this.
...and it was so easy.
Throw some decorative rocks in a decorative holder thingy and VOILA!
Your welcome!


  1. Love it and I just love the little Our love story art beside it very cute

  2. LOVE! I do that with my makeup brushes too. They're so easy to find that way. Also, love the print of y'all's dates!

  3. A-friggin-dorable! Gotta love findin' cute shit at the dollar store.

    Also, puppy-tip for Stache in hopes of reducing the dog shit bit...hang a bell of some sort on the backdoor. Every time you let him out, ring the bell. He'll associate the bell with being let out and before you know it, he'll be ringing the bell with his nose to let you know it's time to do his bizniss. It's worked with every dog I've ever owned.

  4. such a cute blog design you have!

  5. I'm totally gonna throw some decorative rocks in a decorative holder thingy! That's so cute!

  6. just found your blog, so cute. loves it! new follower, btw.

    i love the print you have next to your new cutie makeup brush holder. so glad i stumbled upon you blog.

  7. I think I like yours better than the pin! You fancy huh.

  8. New follower alert!! :)
    The pictures of the Real Housewives totally reeled me in!
    Oh, and your sassy wit!!

    I LOVE your Pinterest creation.

  9. You make me laugh so much. It's perfect. Because other people in my life right now make me do the opposite of laugh. So your blog is therapy. HAHA

    ok but really, we need to start pinning/creating owl stuff.

  10. Saw you followed my blog....decided to come pay you a visit...fell in love with your posts....followed you back! :)

  11. How funny because I did the same thing with my brushes about a year ago. It was also the only no food related Pinterest I des I have followed through with. Great minds think alike.

  12. My favorite kind of projects- Inexpensive, Easy and Adorable!!!

  13. That is a really cute idea! What I loved even more was your frame with your love story inside! It gave me some serious inspiration to make my own, however we are currently trying to save for our big day! ^_^