Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SWTFW/WeighInWednesday/Marcy's Drunk Vlog Questionnaire Vol. 1

There is all kinds of SHAT going on around these parts today.
Not to mention after this post I am quite sure that 1.  My parents and Husband will be so damn proud of me that can't even stand it. (sense the sarcasm) and 2.  I may lose or gain multiple followers.

First off I am linking up with one of my fellow MILFS Shannon for another week of SWW except her Dad changed the name...
It's now So What The FUCK Wednesday.
I don't even know him and I like the man already...
So What Wednesday

So What the Fuck:

~If I brought home a puppy last night...
Probably do not need him at this exact moment but he is precious and perfect and well shit he was free.
Which obviously means he was meant to be ours right?
Because I like the word FREE.

Photo: Mama you have already managed to wear me out!!!!
Photo: Squishy puppy face.... #crazyassfurmama
Seriously how fucking cute?

~If I couldn't even tell you the last time I cut my toe nails or shaved my legs.
Priorities people and unfortunately myself is being put on the back burner right now.

~If I drank myself into a stupor Monday night.
Probably the most relaxing night I have had in a long time.

I am also using this post to weigh in.
You betches hold my shit accountable I will tell you that.
Yesterday I bitched so badly about the fact that I felt like a fatty even after losing two pounds blah blah blah.
Well somehow I managed to drop another two pounds?
Except I didn't take a picture of it.
Guess you will just have to take my word for it?
In the meantime I still managed to snap a bathroom picture of myself for your viewing pleasure.
I know you just love staring at me...
and the Kangaroo Pouch that won't rid itself from my middle section!
#bigbootyho #attackofthekangaroopouch

I don't think I have ever laughed at myself so hard.
What's the fun in life if you can't laugh at yourself and have a little fun whilst doing it.
Not to mention enjoying five beers and a bottle of wine a little beer with a dash of wine.
Neva hurt nobody...
Pinned Image
Some of you women's are such prudes.
Well not you, but you.
I am sure I have a select few that are like OMG she's drunk AND a Mom AND she has responsibilities.
What the fuck ever.
I deserve to let loose every now and again.
Even if it is on a work night and I am by myself.
I have had a select few comments so that's where all this is coming from.
Regardless most of you follow me for the same reasons.
You think I am funny and you like my loud in your face blogging style.
If you don't then just go ahead and click that unfollow button now.
I can assure you there will be no tears shed on my part.
Do not hate because I am fucking awesome and manage to drink on a work night still being able to hop out of bed in the morning and function.
Making it to work 20 minutes early I might add.
Do not be jealous that I have women's that actually have asked for me to drunk Vlog.
You is just jealous.
And I am obviously trying to postpone this whole drunken blog debacle...
So without further adieu this is
Marcy's Drunken Vlog Questionnaire Vol. 1

PS JODI my shit cut me off again...
and I wasn't making a third video.
I am lucky I managed to do two...
So in response to your last question, yes, my Husby eats whatever the fuck he wants.
He doesn't gain a damn pound, and me, well all I have to do is look at a piece of food and I instantly gain a good five...
PSS Sorry there are two separate videos...
That's what you get when 1.  Your white girl wasted and 2. Your device is a fucking POS that almost got thrown out of the 31st Floor winder today.
Hope you girls enjoy my drunk ass...
Lata Hatas


  1. As a university of TN grad, kudos on the Peyton naming :)

  2. Can't watch these at work, but you bet your ass I'll be watching these at home. And hell yeah, I second you on drinking on a work night. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. #1~ new follower, love ya!!
    #2~ Vlog is HILARIOUS!
    #3~ from KY, big UK fan, what part are you from?
    #4~ HUGE Colts/Peyton Manning fan. Love the name!

  4. Yay, love the new pup!!

    Also, you need to come over and drink wine and talk celebrity gossip with me.

  5. ha ha ha. You are hilarious darling!

  6. LOVE the name of your pup! So stinking cute!!
    And HOLLA for being down another 2 pounds!!

  7. Those gifs are just spectacular and I could stare at them forever.
    Congrats on losing 2 more lbs! That's awesome... I'm still in my "I've banned myself from the scale" phase...


  8. 1. That puppy! OMG. And Stache! Perfect.
    2. Drinking alone is never a bad idea. Shoot, next time we should drink "together" via texting. :)
    3. Um, I shave my legs maybe once a week. Typically it's only when I know I'm going out. Oops. It's just too time consuming. Seriously. I'm so not a normal I?
    4. Puffy heart you!

  9. LOVE IT!!!!! And lots of people call me Reese before they know how my name is pronounced :)

  10. Puppy is so cute! and as for the rest of the post LMAO that's all I got! haha

  11. I didn't think it was possible to love you more than I did pre-video, but it is.

    I love that you are drinking from the wine BOTTLE... like a champ!

    I knew Ricci was a Ricki and I still call her Reese :)

    Celebrating birthdays all month is a must. period.


  12. I am dying! This is SOOOO funny!! And I LOOOOOVE the new dog!!!!

  13. You are hilarious!!!! I love that you let it all hang out! Now I hate that you can drink and lose a pound but hey we all cant be great!!! I loooved this post!!!! Be you and dont worry about the prudes!!!!

  14. There's not a damn thing wrong with getting drunk by yourself on a work night. Sometimes you just have to take advantage of the little things.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that drinks straight from the bottle. Hell, If I know it's all going to be gone anyways, what's the point of getting a glass dirty?

    Oh, and the puppy is adorable! Free-99 is my favorite price :)

  15. Umm, we used TWO of the same damn gifs today in our post! Great minds apparently!

    I can't wait to get home where YouTube is NOT blocked (effing work!) to watch your vlog! You just keep on keepin' on girl... you are fabs!!

  16. I didn't know it was possible for me to luv ya anymore than I already do, but this is even more awesome than your drunk facebooking lol! So is this puppy no 2 or the same one that shat in the floor. Free is where it's at girl and Stache of course you would love it! Kuddo's on how you named Peyton that is just uber awesome! Love it and her she's a doll! Boo to the haters we love you girl just keep being you! I am dying over here at how you were putting on your hat and your eyes were well drunkified hilarious girl love it! Where at in KY to do live? I live in WV wonder how close we are to each other. I know we are all planning a meet up! I love how you are drinking straight up from the bottle I too have done that a time or two. LOL I surely didn't wanna spill any while trying to pour in my glass now that is just alcohol abuse hahahaha or a waste of alcohol we call it abuse hear in wv lol! OK so I love you girl your pure gorgeous! Sums

  17. I love the name for your dog. How cute! I noticed someone on FB asked if you waited until your kids went to bed to drink. Really people? Is it anyone's bizness? I can't wait to watch your videos later!

  18. This is some classy shit! hahaha omg you are funny!

    Thanks for the laugh! And congrats on your loss!

  19. HAHAHA loveddd it! In my book, JT always sucks ;)

  20. Congrats on the 2 pound loss! I gained two pounds last week. Sucks for me! Thanks for the smile today. :) Esther Norine Designs

  21. Congrats on your loss! And that video... holy shit! So funny.

  22. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always read your blog first thing in the morning because it makes me laugh so hard. Seriously laughing out loud over here at 5am in a dark, quiet house.

  23. So my damn speakers on my laptop were not working so I FINALLY was able to watch your vlog today. OMG I think I am pretty much in love with you! Girl you are effing amazing! I love how you chose Payton's name! I vote for more drunken vlogs!! I am so glad I got my speakers to work cause it was soooo worth it!