Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I don't sugar coat shit...

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 Weigh In Wednesday
This is my philosophy to a T.
I don't sugar coat shit.
You aren't going to lose those nasty ass fat cells if you sit on the couch eating bonbons all day.
And if you didn't already know that well then now you do...
I am not telling you to give up everything either!
OBVIOUSLY if you did it would NEVER work.

Have a cup cake, have a slice of pizza, whatever you want to indulge in...
Just don't have 10 cup cakes after you scarfed down half a pizza...
1200 calories a day {obviously more if you work out like crazy which I am still working on this part because time is not on my side right now}...
And just don't be lazy.
It's what has worked for me...
I am not shitting you when I say I have NEVER lost weight during the holidays.
I always pack on AT LEAST 8 pounds {typically more} during this time of year.
Well there is a first for everything guys and gals...
I managed to lose 8 pounds that I typically pack on this year!
Managing to also kick off this year winning my first Diet Bet challenge!
The final results won't be in for a couple of days but the pot was over $7000.00 and Momma needs some dough for new clothes!
I am really tired of my Husby claiming that it looks like I just shat in my britches...
I really don't have the brain capacity today to go into all of the details about how I have managed to go from looking like this in July...
All 241ish pounds of me.
Granted I was pregnant...
Even before I got pregnant I weighed in at a whopping 200 pounds...
I can't find any good pictures of that time frame though so you will just have to take my word for it!
I now am looking MUCH better and healthier...
And I just had to share this picture of me and my PIC from NYE...
She is what I like to refer to in the kindest way possible as a "skinny bitch" and I truly say that with love in my heart.
I have always felt like the fat friend.
For the first time since like EVER I actually feel like a thin friend.
Sounds pretty gay when I type that out but it is the 100% truth.
I feel good.
I feel pretty.
Hell I feel so good that even when going to paint the new hizzy yesterday I felt like I needed to look nice...
It's kinda getting on Husby's nerves that I take so long to get ready but I know he appreciates a wife that takes care of herself!
I just love you girls, too!
Thanks for all the sweet comments and kind words they seriously keep me motivated!
And if you want to read more in detail about how I managed to drop the weight thus far you can go here !!!
I am NO expert and this is just what has worked for me but if ya'll EVER NEED ANYTHING please call on me!
I am here!
I love to help and motivate =)
Now my new Diet Bet starts today!
Ya'll should go and join in on the action!!!
What are you waiting for?
Plus I don't know about ya'll but knowing I could win some monies for losing weight really gets a fire lit under my ass...
PS How did every body's NYE go???
Hopefully it was filled with lots of good friends, booze, and shooting guns.
What you don't shoot guns on NYE to ring in the NY????
Or shoot cannons?


 I like to party.
The end.



    Congrats on losing the weight! :)

  2. wow. you look AMAZING. so beautiful. congrats on getting all that weight off in less than a year!

  3. I love you! And I'm sorry but girl I literally laugh out loud {not to be confused with lol} every time I see that pregnancy picture. The caption should be "Large and in charge" and i mean that in the nicest way, I was 285 when I was pregnant so I have no room to talk, but dang're like 100% diva in that picture and owning it! I love it! love you love you love you!

  4. Ok, so I totally want in on this diet bet thing BUT I'm way too cheap and am resigning myself to save every single penny I can this year. Do you really win much money? I know I'll make the goal, I just don't want to bother with it if I'm going to only get my money back or maybe make $5. I should just suck it up and join I guess.

    Thanks for linking up. You look amazing and I'm glad you feel as proud as you do... you deserve to!

  5. girl you look good! fantastic job!

  6. You've done so amazing!! Good work girlie!! :)

  7. i am not a skinny bitch pic... not yet anyways!!!!

  8. You are amazing!! I am trying to lose some poundage and you are great motivation!!!!! I might have to join that dietbet!! Great job on the weight lost!!

  9. You are my freaking hero! 8 pounds during the holidays is Amazing! You look fabulous!

  10. Wow! you look fantastic even if you look like you just shat in your pants!
    But no, really, this is amazeballz! Kudos to you because I am still here sitting on my lazy ass "letting my breakfast digest" before I get up to go to the gym. And to make it worse, I signed up for a half marathon and I really need to get my legs and feet ready for that shit!

    Anywayzzzz at least I had cereal, almond milk, and my coffee....time to refill my water bottle!
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  11. That's so true . I still think I should diet while eating a huge slice of pizza. 8 pounds is a GREAT success :D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  12. You look amazing!!! 8lbs is awesome...I'm lucky I maintained!

  13. You are seriously becoming one of my favorite blogs. You are too funny! And you look AMAZING. Seriously.

  14. Congrats on that eight pounds lost. I found it. Shoot. Working on giving it away to someone else!! =)

  15. SKINNNNAY!!! LOVE IT! Literally you make me wanna jump on the treadmill for an hour! ...and probably stop eating the fudge..

    anyways Glad you had a fab NYE!

  16. Yes love to party here. Happy New Years and awesome pics on NYE...

  17. You are looking great! Keep up the good work! You're making losing weight your bitch. Happy New Years.

  18. I'm linked up with Weigh In Wednesdays too! I also just joined the New Year New You Diet Bet. I'm so excited!

    Loved your blog by the way!

  19. wtf! You look soooooo freaking fantastic! You are incredibly motivating to me! Get it giiirrrl!!!

  20. You look awesome! I think I might join in your Diet bet too!

  21. you look amazing! for real!! it is so hard to just... not eat, haha

  22. You go girl! I need to do allll of that like right meow :)

  23. Woah! Maybe it's the hair + weight loss, but you look totally different and mega hot!