Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is this thing on?

Check 1,2,3...
Is this thing on?
Yes, I am still in fact alive.
Between a sick Husby, a sick dog, three children, and work things have just been a AWHOLELOTOFFUCKINGCRAZY a little crazy.
You understand right?
Bishes calm down..
I know your face resembled something like this...
But you know I am just giving you shit and playing with your fine asses.
Anyways between the Lysol/Bleach fumes and the smell of shit/piss/and dog vom I am wearing an extra large pair of crazy pants today.
I am not kidding ya'll.
If I make it through this move without some sort of mental breakdown sure shitting finding me a one way ticket to the Betty Ford Clinic I will be lucky.
I did however do some useful things with my time at work today.
I bought new bedding for our Master and the Girls room...
Wanna see?
Of course you do.
If you are anything like me, which obviously you are or you wouldn't be following my crazy ass, than you are nosey and want to see.
Now I could be mean and make you wait.
But I know how I am with secrets and patience and all that garbage so here ya go...
Master Bedroom
After some serious though and second opinions I went with my gut and ordered the green.
The wall our bed will be on is getting painted a navy blue color and the other three walls are getting painted a desert sand color.
I got it here if you lurve it, too.
I think it's going to look fucking awesome.
But duh of course it is because would I do anything that wasn't?
And I am so happy to announce that my girls take after their Mama.
At least the two that can speak for themselves as of right now.
They want lime green for their walls.
Sometimes shit just isn't worth the fight and I am fine with the bright colors if that is what they want.
I am thinking about doing their bathroom (which will be located in their room) in the lime green plus one of their walls in the lime green and then doing the three other walls in a pink.
Girls Room

Sketchy Owl Bed in a Bag Bedding Set
It's hard to see but ya that would be owls and lime green...
Pretty much everything they wanted.
Mirror Mirror who is the most awesomest Mom in the Land?
Why me of course!
Two Bed in a Bags for 60 bucks plus free shipping...
You can go here to check that shit out for yourself if you want to!
They have eight different styles to choose from and they don't have to be the same!
I am getting excited.
But damn there is still so much work to be done.
With life's hectic ways these days on top of my ADHD/OCD/ANAL DISORDER I don't even know where to start.
I really need my HAWTIE HAWLLLYYYYY GURRRLLLL at times like these.
She is probably the only chick in my life that understands my crazy self.
Oh and speaking of Holly I need to get a little shout out to Diva Tina otherwise known as Hubby Jack or my blog master.
He has managed to pimp my shit.
He still rocks my socks blog.
He just added a new button for muah if you didn't already notice on my top left side bar...
Make sure if you aren't following me on every social media site I have listed do it now.
Seriously what the hell are you waiting for?
I mean don't you want to see all my bazillion #ootd bathroom self portraits?
I thought so...
So seriously ya'll if you need any sort of blog design help go let him pimp your shit out.
Not like Mr. Popular needs to recognition anyways...
But I feel I needed to let ya'll know so your shit could be pimp, too.
Betty the Braggn' Bitch came out to say hi today.
She lost another pound.
She is fitting into a size small shirt and medium skirt that hasn't fit her since she purchased it like a year ago.
Truth city.
Love you bishes.
I'm peelin' like a banana and splittn' the eff outta here.
Catch on the flip side!!!!


  1. Yuck, sick husbands are the worst, mine woke up with a code today. Also, love your bedding. And you crack me up with your GIFs, you have inspired me to use more! ;] Hahah

  2. love the bedding. sorry about the sick hubby and dog. not fun. I love all the funny pics you put with your blog.

  3. Love the bedding choices. Just breathe sista. You are going to get everything done and everyone is going to get better. xoxo

  4. Dude, Target is clearancing crap left and right... including their glass owls! Every house needs a couple extra owls.

  5. I am a new follower and you are just hilarious! I love it! Also I love the bedding!

    Xo, B

  6. Love the bed spread for your room!! How the hubs is feeling better..its like they are on the deathbed when they are sick..drama queens!! Awesome on the small! I can't wait until I can get into a schedium!