Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wine, Muffin Tops, and pants that fit!

Linking up with the hotties Erin & Alex for my Weigh IN Wednesday.
So I can either look at my situation right now with the glass being half full or the glass being half empty...
Except if it's full of wine it would be totally empty but that's neither here nor there...
I’m on that diet where you eat vegetables and drink wine. That’s a good diet. I lost 10 pounds and my driver’s license...

I will start out with the negative and say that if I am looking at the glass half empty then in all reality I have only lost 3 pounds since the end of December.
This morning I weighed in at 165.
Yes, a loss is a loss but it has really slowed down.
I tend to really focus on those damn numbers that stare back at me every morning.
When I should really be focused maybe more on inches at this point?
If I am looking at the glass half full...
Muffin anybody?
If you don't know what I am referring to you I am more than happy to give you the definition.
A word used to describe one who's fat is desperately trying to escape the suffocation from tight jeans resulting in the fat tumbling over.
Marcy is such a fat ass look at her muffin top!
Okay I am sure y'all are like WTF this isn't a glass half full speech...
Well these pants I am wearing today gave me a legit muffin top at the beginning of January.
Today my friends.
Today I can pull these bitches off without even having to undo the clasp.
So the moral of the story is.
At least for me...
Let's try and stop focusing on the numbers so much.
Try a pair of pants on, or even a shirt, at the beginning of the month.
Then try them on again when the month has ended.
I guarantee you that even if the numbers on the scale are not changing but you have still been busting your ass.
You WILL notice a difference!
I have 25 pounds until my goal weight.
Thinking of where I was only a few short months ago...
Circa End of August and still over 200 pounds.
I have decided though that I really need to step shit up.
So I am partaking in a challenge that I saw on Pinterest duh and I figured I would share if you hadn't seen it yet!
Pinned Image
Maybe it's something that will strike your fancy and we can do it together?
I am going to start mine Friday (obviously this calendar is old) and take a before and after photo.
Anxious to see if I can tell a difference!
Oh and a word to the wise...
Don't think that you can eat restaurant food after you have been dieting.
I can assure you it doesn't go over well on your poor body.
PtotheS I am going to drink myself stupid until I pass out tonight because Payton is 6 months, saying Dah {for Daddy}, and reaching for me.
I cannot handle this shit.
Knowing that she is my last baby is really hitting me right now.
Not to mention that my two older ones are more into boys and makeup than ever these days.
Oh ya and not to mention they are only 6 and 8!!!
Helloooooooooooooo grey hairs.
"Oh ya know just being half of a year just hanging out and stuff..." said Diddy.

Now get those boobies ah' shakin' and let's get MILF status before we're old and decrepit!


  1. Your freaking hilarious...I wanna do the Fab ab thing!

  2. Ugh! You are hilarious! Thanks for the inches vs pounds thing. I'm having the same problem. Losing inches but get down because the scale shows nothing. Also suffering from eating out!!!

  3. Love it Marcy! I am totally down with the Fab Ab Feb!

  4. I needed these words of encouragement today. I am in the same boat sistah!

  5. Totally ready to do the Fab Ab Feb!! I'm totally gonna document it too!

    And congrats on the lost inches! Being smaller is totally better than weighing less! So keep on going girly!

  6. I will totally do fab ab february with your ass. xoxox

  7. I love that Fab Ab February!! I am definitely taking part in it without a doubt!! Thanks for sharing. And your baby is freaking ah-dorable!!! How cute is she!?

  8. Marcy, you are hot. Just accept it. I think you are doing wonderful! Go you! The Fab Ab idea is great. I might partake! Seems like a good way to start each morning off. Maybe by the end I can do a real push up. And you are ridiculous, I can't stop laughing at the last June GIF... bahahah.

  9. Congrats on the loss! One pound at a time girl!

  10. OMG I had something witty to say until I saw Mama June..then I just lost it all!

  11. Good job gurl!!! Love when clothes are too big!

    You DO NOT have a muffin top! Your waist is SO tiny! I would kill for that! I'm still fighting the muffin top. That is where my body holds on to my fat for dear life!

  12. No matter what the glass is always full.. even at half liquid the other half is full of air ;-)

  13. Oh my goodness look at Mama June shaking her boobies... hahaha! Good-bye muffin top... you go woman! Love the idea of seeing how the clothes fit vs. the number on the scale!

  14. Fab Ab Feb here I come!
    btw Mama June's titties are killing me! ahh!!

  15. Congrats on your weight loss! I'm a new follower to your blog-you are hilarious! Love it!

  16. You have lost a ton! Great job! WTH! I'm not losing a darn thing! TEACH ME! lol

  17. OH MY GERD....That image of June is now burned into my brain. Thanks for that! HAHA!

    Congrats! You look great!

  18. You look hot as ever.
    Speaking of poop... you shouldve seen the one I took earlier this week! ERMERGARD!!

  19. OMG! Where do you find that shit? COngrats on losing inches girl!

  20. We're close in our current weight and both have the goal of 140....lets do this shiz!!
    I need something to kick my ass cos I'm plateauing hardMFingCore! :)

  21. HAHA that last pic had be crackin up!!!!!! HAHAHA love it!


  22. I enjoyed your blog I am the same weight and have the same goal! the scale was really throwing me off but now I see that I am not the only one. My clothes fit way better though, thanks for sharing this it helped me a lot and I am going to try the challenge

  23. Is it sad that I feel like Honey Boo Boo on most days with that comment? I am not lying. Pretty much anytime I poop at home, I know I am going to use the plunger. A little too much TMI? probably, but I know you can appreciate it.

    Good job on the pants hot momma!

  24. I am definitely going to give the Fab Ab February a go! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  25. I'm def going to do Fab Ab Feb...need to get that post-baby pooch gone!

  26. I saw an ecard that said something like, "I don't care if the glass is half full or half empty...there is clearly enough room for more wine!" haha! I enjoyed that one quite a bit!

  27. Congrats! The measure of health and fitness is not a number on a scale. It's partly your emotional, mental, and physical well-being as well as factors as your cholesterol.....I've seen some chubby people finish a marathon, and then there are lots of skinny people who can't even exercise for more than 10 minutes. Good for you that you recognize that and are doing what makes you feel good. -Jessica L

  28. You're hilarious! Congrats on the weight-loss so far. I found you through SGBC. New Follower :)

  29. I'm in for the fab ab thing! And now I have a good idea for a blog post tomorrow! Thanks!

  30. I just have to say that you totally had me cracking up with this post. I absolutely loved it because I could so see me in you on this one. Congrats on the loss and I am going to have to figure out what this twitter and pintrest thing is..I am so behind the times. But I love your idea and I will defiantly be starting it by mid month. I have to be released from the hand surgeon first.

  31. Love the post. You are too funny. Congrats on the loose pants!