Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters inspired by people that actually DO exist...

Fridays are days where my brain turns to mush and I throw myself on the floor like a screaming toddler because I don't wanna be here work, blog, work, and blog a little more.
Ya ya know while I am stuck here at work my Husband is stealing all of Miss P's kisses and soaking up here giggles.
Not cool.
So in order to make myself not fall off the edge and descend into a river of tears because I miss my baby I decided to hop over to Pinterest.
Low and behold I found something that made me pee a little in my britches from laughter.
It also happens to be my inspiration for my Friday's Letters!

Dear Burger King Womans, Are you REALLY that lazy or is your Burger King just THAT slow?
This woman at Burger King.

Dear Cat Lady, SERIOUSLY...  I like rallllyyyyyyyyyy wanna know how it is to be a cat?
This girl who is also a cat.

Dear Starbucks Guy, Are you like the updated 2012 version of Zach Morris?
This dude at Starbucks.

Dear Granny, Do your legs get tired from hanging out of the cart?
This grandma at the grocery store.
Dear sweet children o'mine, Will you push me around in a grocery cart like this when I become old and fragile?

Dear Doritos Girl, I gotta give you props on your creativeness but I hope you washed the bag before you made the bow...
This girl wearing a Doritos bag in her hair.

Dearest Mr. PULLYOURGDPANTSUP, I just have one question?  Okay maybe two...  Do you honestly think this is the least bit attractive and do you know what it really means to wear your pants below your ass and ESPECIALLY below your knees????  All I can say is I hope you never end up in jail...
This dude.

Dear fellow Mustache lover, You are cool in my book.
This guy who shaved his chest like this.

Dear Ecstamy,  How does it feel to have millions of womens be jealous of you?
This woman living in ecstasy.

Dear Fist Eater, Do you think this is going to make a guy actually respect you?
This girl eating her own fist.

Dear Eleventeener, You might want to think about actually doing some studying while your at the library.  I can assure you this picture isn't your best look anyways...
This girl just doing her homework.

Dear Cheese Head,  You are a woman after my own cheesy heart BUT you don't really like cheese do you??
This woman eating a block of cheese.
Ya, I didn't think so...  Couldn't tell you did at all!

Dearest Husband, I told you to quit carrying our children around Sams like this!
This parent carrying a child.
I kid.  I kid.

Dearest  Eeyore impersonator, I have ALWAYS wanted to do this.  Please tell me that it was as awesome as I think it is?
This girl blow drying her teeth.

Dear Miss Poofy, I do believe that you have the poof down, and we all know I love a good poof, BUT it definitely doesn't need to be bigger than the size of your own head mmmmk?
This girl with super big hair.

Dear Lady,  How in the hell did this happen?
This woman who couldn't fit in her theater seat.

Dearest Wheelchair Rider,  Did you legitimately think it was going to work?
43 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist




  1. Oh my gosh, okay...I giggled at these but that last one, I seriously busted out laughing and I don't think I feel bad about it! That was DUMB on their part!!
    Okay, I feel like I SHOULD feel bad but oh my gosh!

    And that poof?! The old lady in the cart?!
    These are all hilarious!!
    Thanks for the much needed laugh today!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Where do you find these people? So funny

  3. I feel like it's wrong to laugh at the wheelchair lady, but omg I can't stop.

    Love your blog. You had me at "mustache".

  4. you that excited to where u keep misspelling shit???? lol

  5. so funny! new follower here

  6. Holy shit! I can't stop laughing! That stache is OUT OF CONTROL!!!! And that lady on the escalator....WTF???? Have a great weekend and thanks for the laughs!

  7. ahahahha i am dying. hilarious

  8. Oh my goodness, I needed these laughs today! How funny!

  9. I found youR blog through mykeepcalmandcarryon. I'm loving it!

  10. Marcy too stinking funny!

  11. Lmao I think I just peed a little hahahahaha! That's it next time I'm on a road trip I'm doing that with the hand dryer lmao watchtower face get stuck that way haha! That is hilarious from Burger King, holy hair omg the funny part is that she looks like she thinks its the fa shizzle hahahahahaha I have to show the hubs the picture if the cheese lady I have a BFF who loves cheese and I bought g his fav for the holidays and last year she ate the whole thing lol he hasn't liked her much since haha she had a big spread if cheese for our friends wedding and our other friends baby shower so this made me laugh right out loud! Thanks for the giggles I needed them