Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Link Up Floozy

Okay so I am being a total link up floozy today!

1.  Purse wine...  Nuff said!
2.  I rocked the vote!
3.  Miss P with her Mimi
4.  A text from Daddy
5.  What I was doing at 5 o'clock #fmsphotoaday
5.  What I wanted to steal from the Bengals game suite
6.  Drunken duck face aka me taking advantage of the endless amounts of Michy Ultra in le suite
7.  Eric Church wanna be???
8.  All smiles
9.  Beer on the field
10.  WHO DEY
11.  My Starbucks staple...  Non~Fat White Choc Mocha No whip No foam
12.  Colour (lips) #fmsphotoaday
13.  My life
14.  My morning cup of mojo

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1 comment:

  1. Sometimes it's ok to be a floozy especially if it's just about linkups! Loving the purse wine!!!
    Thanks for linking up girlie!