Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted or the time I had to pull ol' Mama Bear outta my back pocket...

I voted.
Did you?
If you know me at all you know how hard of a time I have getting up in the morning.
If you don't just ask my Husby...
So I managed to get up and out of the house before 6AM with a three month old in toe.
I pulled into the lot, got Miss P all bundled up in her car seat/stroller, and I was off to vote.
There was a tiny line that crept outside of the building where I was voting but nothing, too crazy.
Was it cold?
Was my child cold?
She was wrapped up tighter than a girdle of a Baptist minister's daughter.
She wasn't cold and I know that because she was laughing, NOT CRYING.
Which leads me to the point where I absolutely lost my shit.
We finally got inside and even through the crowd of people I heard a couple and a group of what I assumed to be the couples friends whispering.
They basically said that they couldn't believe somebody would bring their baby while they are trying to vote.
Are you kidding me?
I could see if she was in the midst of an absolute meltdown.
She wasn't.
She was absolutely perfect.
And NO I am not just saying that because she is MY child.
She really was!
So I did what any normal Mama would do.
I whipped that Mama Bear right out of my pocket, turned around, gave the redeyedstare side eye, and said, "At least I am voting! {pause} ...and let me guess your voting for Obama?"
Regardless of who they were voting for I left them speechless and none of them made a peep for the remainder of the time that we stood in line.
I think that they were just jealous that I had a deliciously adorable child and I looked better than their frumpy asses did standing in line.
Which brings me to my link up with the adorable Laura and Stephanie!!!!
The Vintage Modern Wife

My pinspiration this week:


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  1. Wow people are asshats some times. You look very patriotic!!! Go Girl!

  2. LOVE THE PLAID. I'm on the lookout for a cute plaid shirt myself. :) And btw, I TOOK ALL FOUR OF MY KIDS when I went to vote. I'd dare anyone to tell me not to!

  3. You look perfect for a day of voting, and I can't imagine how rude someone would have to be to say something about having your babe with you!

  4. ok freaking adorable. love your take on it! ps- you know i would've told them that at least i was showing my child my rights as an american to vote and teaching my child at the earliest age possible. people are jerks. in any case though, you look hot! lol. hope you'll join us again next week, girl!

  5. That outfit is perfect for today! And good for you for saying something - why people think it's ok to judge/talk about people, especially when they're obviously clueless about the situation, is beyond me! Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Adorable outfit. So perfect for today.

  7. your outfit is adorbs like you! I love your mustache-alicious makeover and some peeps amaze me! LOL that you pulled mama bear out and rendered them speechless boo-ya is right girl lol!