Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am a little cray cray. You are a little cray cray. Were all a little cray cray.

Its Ok Thursdays
Its Ok!
~To get all the way to your last stop (dropping off Miss P) before heading into work only to realize that you forgot your purse...
Resulting in somehow managing to run home and get said purse, stop for a coffee because your obviously already going to be late for work anyways, and somehow still manage to be to work on time with two minutes to spare.
~To literally straight do a serious happy dance in my seat because we just paid off my car.
~To have a legit panic attack over the fact that I just know something is going to break on either Husby's car or mine because they are now both paid off.
~To already start preparing my liver for Saturday night...
Party van.  DD.  Unlimited amounts of Michy.
~To be straight OCD/anal/fucking crazy when it comes to my house.
Especially when I know people are going to be coming to my house tomorrow night.
My Husby may just want a divorce after tonight.
Now I am going to try to get some work done and make it through this day without any more hiccups...
Ain't nothin' like fightin' a stomach bug while having to sit at the front desk...
As my friend Sweet Brown would say...


  1. This post is hilarious. I think that the Toddlers and Tiaras one was my favorite. :)

    Please stop by and say hi sometime!

    Have a fabulous day!

  2. lmao... I love the happy dance! Great job on putting the pedal to the metal and making it to work on time! Now that's my kind of woman! Have fun this weekend.

  3. Love the post sweet girl & I do agree all is ok :)

  4. I laughed out loud at the happy dance! And Sweet Brown couldn't have said it any better. love that woman. haha

  5. Gah I hate when I "think" I'm running late. I'm already high-strung and that just kicks it into hyper overdrive. Shit ain't good. Glad you made it on time sista!

    I'm going "dry" this weekend - which seemed like a good idea on Monday, when I decided to do it, but as the weekend gets closer, by "dry" idea sucks balls. So enjoy a Michy for me :)

  6. oh my gosh sweet brown she is hilarious!! where did you find these moving photos?

  7. this is great...i love the gifs...isn't that what they are called?? that little girl is getting down!!

  8. new[est] follower! loving your blog so far! can't wait to keep following along!

    literally laughing out loud at this post...thank you!

    stop by sometime!

  9. Ugh I hate when I feel like I'm late! Haha, love the dancing girl gif! Awesome.

  10. hahahahaha, you rocked it! adore this post. You are too darn hilarious. Hope you're doing well, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo