Monday, November 19, 2012

What I did this weekend or my lamest post eva...

Friday night I got to play with a bunch of purses and hang out with my girls.

Saturday I went to the doctor and found out that I'M PREGNANT!

haha I got jokes.
Only kidding my loves.
{You can bet your ass, the WHOLE ass, that if that were really the case I wouldn't be blogging today.  You wouldn't be able to find me anywhere.  I would have taken a one way ticket to somewhere far away never to return.  Sounds bad but ya'll didn't go through what I did my last pregnancy! ... Plus I can't go that long without beerorwineeveryday a very occasional glass from my box ever again.}
I DID find out though that I have dropped 36 pounds since 9/8/12 and I have went from a 36 BMI to a 30 BMI.
Feeling pretty damn groovy about that if I do say so myself.

Saturday afternoon I went on a hunt for Twinkies.
Have you heard about that shiz???
Boxes on eBay are going for quite a bit of moolah...
Don't believe me?
Go HERE and check it out.
Of course by the time I went on my search everybody had beat me to it.

I also went and saw Breaking Dawn 2 with my bestie.
Did NOT disappoint.
I almost had a heart attack at the end...
But I survived and I already want to go see it again!

Saturday night we went out in the party van with my Husby's boss, other managers, and their spouses.
Good times had by all except for the fact that I had no voice.
Do you know how hard that was for me?
Adult bevies=loud Marcy.
I am sure Husby was thankful!
In the party van on the way up!
You don't pose on pool tables with your bestie????
This picture is exactly how I remember the night...  BLURRRY!

I never did feel bad though until I woke up yesterday morning.
Still with no voice and feeling like I had been continuously run over by a semi.
Picked bebe girl up and went to my adopted daughter's Birthday Party!
Slept almost the entire time.
Talk about a party pooper...
Last night I couldn't physically do ANYTHING.
No cleaning done.
Payton didn't even get a bath...
I know right?
Mama of the year award!!!

So today my life consists of hiding out in the back at work because obviously 1.  I can't answer the phones and 2.  I am sure nobody wants to be near me due to my "itis" I have invading my body right now.  3.  I do believe I have a buzz from the cold meds I am taking.
True story:  I stopped at my Husby's store today to get some tissues and a coffee and totally walked into the door thinking it was a push through instead of pulling it...  I guess I should mention I have only been to this store like a bazillion times...  AND of course he was standing right there and watched the entire thing...
Good times my lovers...  GOOD TIMES!

Hope ya'll have a Monday filled with at least being able to talk =)


  1. I can't believe Twinkies are selling for that much on EBAY. I seriously need to buy a few boxes.
    I still have to see Breaking Down 2. Maybe someday...
    Don't feel bad...I always push instead of pull on doors even after I've been thru them dozens of times.

  2. Dude you are freaking hilarious with these posts!!! Sorry you're feeling crappy though. maybe you just need some more wine? ;) Have a good day!

  3. Jesus! You had quite the weekend. Totally jeals!

  4. Lmao at the running into the door at husbys work so something I would do haha! Are you ok? See friends laugh then ask if you are ok! I feel you in the not being able to talk department I am voiceless or with a slight one at the moment. Hey being without one may have gotten you out of trouble with being buzzed with co-workers lol! Lovin' the pic of you and your bestie posing on the pool table blurry is so the in thing lol! I just about freaked when you said you were preggers it was like the Situation making it all Official with his girl and in a second making it Un Official lmao! You kill me girl for real lol!

    Sounds like you had a bangin' weekend and you said you didn't lol

  5. The reality show images always throw me into a laughing fit. I am glad you had a good weekend, mama! :)

  6. Hope you are feeling better!

    Blurry cell pics are the best - normally what I'm doing in them should be hazed out - lol!

    You so had me with Preggers comment - I was like huh? what? LOL