Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All about my Kangaroo Pouch or just another edition of my SWW!

So What Wednesday


So what if I do a happy dance every time I see my new blog design and my heart pitter patters at the thought of finally having my own html.
Big things going on around here people.
Possibly my favorite Britney GIF ever.
So what if I gained six pounds over the four day holiday weekend.
I have already lost it so did it really count?
I don even shink sho!

So what if I blushed and did one of those awkward school girl giggles when my Gyno asked me if (while laughing I might add) my Husby had complained of "the dirty" being painful since my Mirena was inserted.

So what if I pop an extra zoloft and wash it down with a large tiny glass of Pinot before heading off to said Gyno appointment.  Doesn't matta how many times I have been there I still get panic stricken and break out in a sweat.

So what if I gave The Diddyness a taste of mashed taters, cool whip, and whatever other small "non-choke able" items I could muster up for her to taste on Thanksgiving.
She looked supa sad when we were all eating and she wasn't.
PS I don't think she is my child cuz she didn't like cool whip.

So what if I can't get rid of this cough and every time I DO cough I pee a little.
Give me a break.
You know you do it, too and ya just don't wanna admit it.
It's called two kids + a weak bladder.

So what if I have a legit Kangaroo Pouch.  I had a baby what the hell have you done with your life???? Photo
*Kangaroo Pouch~The annoying spare tire area around your mid section that just will NOT go away after having a baby.
Oh and for all ya'll that do lose it like iono THEDAYAFTERYOUHAVEYOURBABY...
Kiss my kangaroo pouch and my big fat ass mmmmk?
But if we are friends I do still love ya ;)

So what if my Husby probably wouldn't even know right now if my Mirena hurt him or not because lets be honest sleep is more important...
I know he is so damn lucky you do not have to tell me.

So what if I have considered stealing one of the gifts that we have gotten for the girls...
Because I don't even have one.
Not cool.

So what if while I am talking to you on the phone I do the most random things...
pick my nose
But while talking on the phone the other night I did manage to clean both of my bathrooms, dust, feed/water the dog, do two loads of laundry, get the bebe girls things ready for the next day...
Or just cray cray.
Read my post from yesterday and you decide!


  1. Awesome SWW.....I am still rockin my kangaroo pouch - 12 years later....uuuggghhh!!!!

  2. im gonna legit choke ur ass of u legit say legit one mo time

  3. If I'm on the phone when the urge to poop strikes... you best believe that I'm taking a dumper with you on the phone. I don't know what kangaroo pooch you be talking about skinny minnie. :)

  4. I've been on your page for a good 5 minutes just watching these videos. I am dying... and Chris wants to know what's so funny.

    In other news... please make me some Zoloft. :)

  5. I can't get rid of my cough either. So annoying.