Friday, November 9, 2012


Holla betches it's Friday!
And don't get yo panties in a wad I meant that in the nicest way possible!
Dear Fairy Godmother, PUHLEASE (like seriously with a big ol' fat cherry on top smothered in chocolate) bippity boppity boo yourself right on ova to my hizzy and clean that place.
Dear Jakeypoo, buddy when you walk right underneath me I am bound to step on you eventually.  I absolutely adore the fact that you adore me so much but I don't like hurting my boy.
Dear Husby, the hamper is there for a reason.  Use it.  If I come into the bedroom one more time and your clothes are sitting on top of it, instead of in it, I am bound to lose my shit.
Dear Liver, don't hate me tonight when I get together with the girls and do ridiculous things while drinking unlimited amounts of Michy.
Dear Self, when drinking with the girls tonight do not think for one second you are Shawn Johnson and break your nose like last time.
Ya it happened...  You can check it out on my Facebook Page if you really want to.
I might lose you as a follower though...
 funny gifs
Dear Scale, keep moving in the downward direction and I will lurve you in your face until death do us part.
Okay that was just kinda creepy...
 But seriously you rock my socks right now with your digits.
Weight Update:  I have now lost a total of 69 pounds since 7/25!

Dear Gyno, please be on time so that I don't have to sit there and worry for over an hour about what I just had to have done.
Oh ya and how long have I been going to you now?  Quit using the wrong sized device to spread my lady parts mmmmmk?

Dear self, when going to the gyno in general, but especially when having a procedure done, please quit freaking out.  It's gonna be gravy baby.

Dear stomach, quit with the bubbly gut when you get nervous.
I am seriously over it.

Dear fellow blog lovies of mine, 1.  I love each and everyone of you in your faces.  Like legit love YOU's.  2.  I will love you even more if you go here and sign up for my giveaway if you haven't done so already!!!!

Ps tune in later and I will feels you in on all about the time I almost passed out at the gyno...  =)
I need some of this today.


  1. Holy Shit on the Weight LOSS girl! That is awesome! Have fun tonight and keep your nose in tact! lol Last summer we went out and I ended up in the Urgent Care the next morning with a sprained ankle from falling down several flights of stairs at a concert! My friends still give me shit for that one!

  2. BTW I couldn't resist I had to grab your button!

  3. Good luck to your liver and your lady parts!! hahaha Are you getting mirena? Total life saver.