Friday, November 30, 2012

Who cuts their own bangs at 6AM?

Well this was me last night.
Did I seriously just drink all that?

If your bffs friends with me via Facebook then you already know this from the post I tagged you in.
So really when we planning to do the damn thing?

I can't be more essited that it's Friday.
It just seems like the further we get into winter the longer the weeks are and the harder I find it to get out of bed.

That is except for this morning.
When I was woken up by the dark barking and my Husby's snores.
He's lucky I love him.
So what does any other normal person do when they have two hours to spare getting ready for work?

They decide to cut their own bangs.
Photo: So this is what happens when I am bored and wake up over two hours before I need to.  I cut my own bangs.  Love.  Ps to all the hairstylist I have had who said my bangs would not do that...   well here ya go!
I must say I shocked the shit out of myself.
Because I am in luhhuuuuuuuvvvvvvvv with them.
Good thing I didn't decide to do this after downing the entire two bottles drinking those three glasses of wine last night ;)

Which brings me to my next point.
Wine makes me feel like a legit alcoholic.
One minute the bottle is full.
And poof before I know it I have downed a whole bottle of wine in no time flat.
Does anybody else ever feel this way?
Guess I need to just stick to the box considering it will last me a longer period of time.

Oh and if you are at Walgreen's anytime soon go see if you can find this little diddy.

Photo: Call it what you want but I am obsessed with this eyeshadow paette and it was only $3.00 make ya holla honey boo boo.<br /> #imcheap
Best $3.00 I have ever spent.
And the colors are gorgeous.
I would never steer you lovely ladies wrong!
I might get you lost a few times....
But I always eventually find my way ;)

Like I said last night I think I am living in the wrong decade.
Photo: Minus the chest area because God did not find it necessary to bless me with boobs in the 50's this was sexy...  and I am obviously living in the wrong decade...<br /> #feelnlikeafatty
In the 50's this was considered hot.
Now in 2012 this is considered hot.
I just want to save these girls.
Regardless of what a fatty I am feeling like I would much rather have my curves than NOTHING at all.
Like my Husby says...  "I like something to hold on to!"

Have ya'll seen this floating around any of your social networks?
Well if you haven't check it out but be prepared to cry!
I know.
I am all rainbows and sun shining from the crack of my ass over here for a Friday!

I so can't wait until it's 5 O'clock somewhere.
I am ready for a drinky drink.
Oh and ya know...
If you are friends with me via Facebook be ready for some more tagging!


  1. Love being a new follower! You are quite hilarious! I think every girl can relate to Ramona and her Pinot every now and then!

  2. u failed to mention ur puke wildkitties loosing to notre dame!

  3. lmao as soon as I saw the title of your post I thought you do hahahah! Then I thought ole lawd what did she do and then I saw the awesomeness of the bangs you created and was in lurve girl! They rock and the dark hair color with your cream sweater hello hottie! You look great! I laughed so hard at you last night! I am the same way, because with wine you don't feel it until you stand up to go pee and then u are like woah how big was that glass haha!

    You were straight up hilarious last night, needed the laugh and we fo sho need to get the show on the road with what we were talkin' about last night! It will be off the hizzy and I'm thinking boxes of wine is what we will need ha!

    Lurve you and stuff

  4. Gahh what is the brand/name of that palette? It looks alot like the naked palettes but you said it's from Walgreens...

    I love that sweater!

  5. I'm down for this meetup anytime! Count me in!

    Your bangs look fabulous! I love them.