Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ADD. OCD. Anal retentive. or just a semi~serious post for the normally non~serious poste'...

Really had no clue how I should start this post out.
And honestly I didn't get the memo until last night about this link-up today!
But I am always up for meeting new bloggy friends and figured this would be a perfect way =)

So I literally typed and erased this more than once...


The name is Marcy which is short for Marcella BUT I ONLY get called that when I am in TROUBLE!
Like the time when I was 6 and thought it would be cool to go #2 out in the front lawn like our next door neighbors dog...
Let's just say my Mom didn't find it as cool as I did.
You never thought of doing that...
I just turned 27 on September 11th (dun dun dun) and yes, for me, it's still an amazing day.
I often forget what age I am.
Anybody else out there do that?
The older I get...  the worse it is.

I will be married two years in April to this amazing dude...

I know right...
How lucky can a gal get???
We are serious sometimes...

But not typically...

PS no judgies I was totally pregnant here and a legit 70+ pounds heavier!
Besides my over sized man~child I do have three legit children.

Lauren is my 8 year old child by marriage.
She is as sweet as they come with a little bit of spunk.

And Shelby is my sassy little six year old who gives me more gray hairs than I care to talk about...

Oh and last but not least the most beautiful toothless gummy smiled four month old eva...
Meet Payton...

I know right?!
I am super lucky.
I have a great job.
Amazing friends...

Amazing family...

I decided to stop with the pictures...
A little overboard no?

Basically my life is AMAZEBALLS.
It really really truly is.
I continue to thank my lucky stars and little bebe Jesus every night for the stack of cards I have been dealt.

Which brings me to what I wanted my post to be about.
The one negative area of my life.
The one thing I can never seem to let go of...

~Ever feel like if you don't made your bed before leaving the house you just know the rest of your day is doomed?
~Ever not been able to sleep because of all the things you have to do tomorrow or things that you didn't get done on your internal list today?
~Ever stop your kids mid-play and ask them to pick up your mess because you start to break out in a sweat from the toys that are taking residence in every square inch of the floor in their room?
~Ever bitch at your Husband because he puts the clothes "on" the hamper and not "in" the hamper?
~Ever start cleaning up around the house before you even remove your coat, weighted down purse, and shoes upon your arrival home from a long day at work?
~Ever throw things away (important most often than not) because you can't handle the clutter?
~Ever love to have people over for parties, etc. but go into a legit panic attack at the thought of all the things that need to be done?
I could go on.  And on.  And on.  And on some more.
But if you answered yes to any, or all, of these scenarios then you and I were meant to be friends.
ADD probably.
OCD absolutely.
Anal retentive...  I get it from my Daddy.  {Love you Dad!}
To awholedamnlot some people these things may seem minor.
No big deal.
Just ask my 16 year old self...
Seriously she would bend over in pain from laughing so hard at the thought that she would have ever turned out like this.
You could not see any bit of floor space in the span of my over sized teenage bedroom and at any given time you were bound to find a week old slice of pizza or a pile of laundry (dirty or clean) laying somewhere in a corner.
I was gross.
So where did the new me come from?
Iono but I kinda liked my gross self a little better.
Lemme explain.
I sit here and am literally watching all the good in my life pass me by.
I am too busy worrying about the dirt in the crevices of the tiny spaces between the baseboard and the tub.
No time for jokes here people.
A few weeks ago we had our three children and my three nieces and nephew PLUS my best friend's  daughter stay the night AND I am doing this...
Cuz ya know I just thought that with seven kids that things weren't going to get dirty.
Sometimes I literally feel like I am one dust bunny away from straight crazy town.

I cannot take my own advice but quick to give it to others.
I mean I can give you GREAT advice.
Especially when it comes to this subject.
And would I ever judge anyone else on the appearance of their home?

I am seriously kidding.
I am not a snob I promise.
I could care less what your house looks like, if your kids have left over kool-aid stains on their face, etc.
Well I am beyond hard on myself.
Everything has to be perfect.
But why?
I know that nobody is perfect.
I literally feel like my life will fall into shambles if my house is dirty for one second...
If my kids don't look polished upon leaving (and returning) to the house...
If my Husband wears something that doesn't match...

Nobody, and I mean nobody, in my life understands.
They all just think I am nuts and tell me to relax.
Easier said than done right?

I need MORE than just ONE box of the good stuff (or this) to keep me at least half way sane.

So if your STILL reading and you STILL don't think I am a lunatic...
Well then say Hi and lets discuss cleaning products together over a glass of Pinot!


  1. I have a mother like you...:)

    Legitimately I should give you half of my I DONT CARE attitude and you could give me half of your NEEDS TO BE CLEAN attitude and maybe we could meet in the middle at some sense of "normalcy"!

  2. I am totally like you...especially when it comes to dishes in the sink or laundry. If I have more than one load a day to do my whole day is ruined. Totally OCD. I drive my poor husband crazy. Maybe he should drink some of my wine :)

  3. Marcy! Haha.I enjoyed reading your post! your kiddos are so cute!

  4. I love your new blog look, lady! And love you and this post, of course! ;) Your family is the cutest. I just wanna squeeze little miss P!!

  5. Inspiring post!! :) Love the entry! So much cute photos!

    Followed you!

  6. OH how I think I love you more each day lol! You are such a breath of fresh air & I love all your OCD plus crazy antics :)Hilarious :)

  7. I am with you on the OCD and the lists! I constantly have about 47 lists going on on paper and just that many in my head! It is maddening some times!

  8. I hear you on every aspect! My birthday is September 11 and I feel like you just described every aspect of my life. The craziest thing is I run an in home daycare, I am constantly running around and picking stuff up so it doesn't look like the kids have taken over....ugh. look forward to more of your blog!