Monday, November 12, 2012

Mommy what's that on the nightstand????

~Friday all in all was a good day!  I won free lunch for me and three of my co~workers with Jeff Thomas from q102 morning show!
Such a nice man and we had a blast!

~Saturday we had family pictures taken and I CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW YOU...
Soon my little lovies, soon!
I must tell you it included children in a tree, one upside down, kissing, and mustaches.
You will NOT be disappointed.

~Saturday night we ran a daycare.
No, really I am not kidding.
We had seven children in our house between the ages of 3 months to 11 years of age.
Crazy pants.
But in all reality they were so good!!!
I love my chitlins and I love being an Aunt =)
We may, or may not, have sent them home with a shit load of candy in their bellies.
Isn't that what we are supposed to do?
Count em!

~We lucked out and scored more tickets for the Bengals game.
I was pretty much convinced we would be leaving early in the second half from a total beat down.
Now if we could just play like that every weekend boys!!!!

Me and the Dad.
Mr. Loverpants
(Note to self:  Downing 6 beers and two 24 oz. Cokes with Red Stag plus Husby making you (yes I said making) eat nasty concession stand food DO NOT MIX WELL WITH BELLY)

That was pretty much my weekend wrapped in a big ol' bag of AWESOME.

...and just for shitz and gigz cuz I am in THAT kind of mood...

Some random funnies and such from the weekend:

Shelby (my six year old tom boy that wishes everyday she would have been born with dude parts) came to me yesterday morning and said, "Mommy look I brushed and fixed my hair all by myself. I now look pretty like you! Now Instagram and Facebook that shiz and tag Lindsey in it cuz she made this headband for me. I think she would like that. Don't you???" When she walked away I laughed for a good five minutes...
I don't think she is ANYTHING like me do you????

My cutie patottie niece Julianna with her fav Aunt ;)
My Sister In Law Michelle told me that she didn't get a picture of it but J was on her ipod the other day acting like she was texting.  She said she was just typing away going crazy and when Michelle asked her what she was doing she replied, "Texting Aunt Mahhhhcy!"
I died of cuteness overload.
Love her!!!

I have absolutely given up on keeping Pdiddy's hands out of her mouth.
Now it has resulted in her trying to eat Owlie Girl (picture 1) and even trying to shove her entire fist in her mouth (picture 2).
I guess we are going to be dealing with a thumb sucker.
Kinda hard to take that away from her.
I blame it on her Daddy who was a thumb sucker himself as a child!

Her one handed chug.
She gets in honest at least ;)

I live for moments like these...
Morning snuggles
Baby with Baby Daddy
(see the thumb!)

I have now managed to get down to a 71 pound weight loss since having bebe girl on 7/25.
I STILL can't even believe it.
Come follow me on mfp @lspmommy

My snotty nosed sleepy baby...

Just FYI getting caught in downtown when it is pouring rain and your umbrella breaks because your basically screwed.
Take it from me.
Buy the expensive one next time...
Note:  I do NOT look this bad now...
Thank you hurrrr brush.

....AND last but certainly not least...
When your 6 year old asks you what that wrapper is on the nightstand.  You lie.  You lie like an attorney that is getting ready to win the biggest case in his life.
You tell her it was candy.
...and when she asks what kind of candy you tell her blue M&M's.
BECAUSE that was what the package color was.
I will give you one hint as to what it actually was...
Her reply to all of this...
"That was an awfully small bag of M&M's."
Big Ang laughing GIFs will always be funny.
Okay mustache luva's that's all I got for this nasty arse rainy alliwanttodoissleep Monday!


  1. I think I just pee'd a little no joke lmao! I knew when I saw your title it was gonna me somethin' then when I was like wait for it wait for it awww there it is the package of little blue m&m's and the fact that you put Big Ang on there and I can imagine in her deep voice saying that "You Lie You Lie and say it's candy" I just can't stop laughing like I mean I may just laugh all day you are killin' me girl! hahahhahahahaha!


  2. oh and the fact you said you lie like an attorney getting ready for the biggest case in his life, total soda up the nose burn, since I am in the criminal justice field and was a paralegal for many years that shit is just funny!

  3. HA! That's a lot of kids to watch, I think I'd need the blue M&M wrapper for BC ASAP! lol

  4. Hahahahaha Blue M&Ms!!! That cracks me up!!! My daughter has come to me carrying my vibrator asking what it was once I thought I would die of embarrassment! New follower found you through my friend Monica (Mrs. Innapropriate)

  5. You kill me!! First of down 71 pounds... Holla at a playa!! And those blue m&m's sound fris-kay!!! ;)

  6. Blue M&Ms - nice save ;)

    That baby - oh my is she the cutest!!!

    I never have my umbrella when I need it. LOL