Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calling all my baby Mamas Mamas Mamas...

I need seriousfuckinghelp Mama advice.

So insert Payton, Miss P, Pdiddy, Chunks, or whatever you fancy to call her.
Poor girl has so many names that she probably won't like ever know her real full name.
She is 3 1/2 months and girl can throw down some chow.
She has been a super eater from birth.
Girl takes after her Fada' what can I say?
So Miss P has been sleeping like a champ through the night for over a month now.
All of the sudden she is wanting to go to bed super early between the hours of 7-8...
Waking up for her last feeding iono maybe around 10....
Going back to sleep and then waking up around 4AM starving to death.
Mind you I have been putting formula in her night bottle since she was about a month old.
{Insert pointed fingers and head shakes}
Here is my question...
Even though she cannot quite sit up on her own yet...
Would you start possibly feeding her some cereal mixed w/ formula via spoon around dinner time?
I have asked quite a few people already but I just want to get some general consensus on the matter.
Cuz going from being able to get some serious shut eye to literally peeling myself out of bed at 4AM has not been my idea of a good time.
I know she is legitimately hungry.
...and trust me don't come at me with that "just give her a paci she will stop crying" shiz because we already been there done that!!!!!!!!!!
And she doesn't go back to the ol' doc until December 3rd.
Which is two weeks from yesterday.
If I can get a little more sleep for another two weeks I am up for any suggestions that anybody wants to give me.
I would literally pay for sleep here as of late I think.
Especially with my "itis" that I have seemed to pick up.
P to the S do any other Mama's out there feel like you forget EVERYTHING when doing this whole parenting thing over again?  It has been a six year gap between Shelby and Miss P and I just cannot remember ANYTHING.



  1. I think we started giving S cereal around 4 months!

  2. I would wait until the four month mark and talk to the dr. first...it could just be a growth spurt. Sleep deprivation sucks, but it's part of the deal;-) Good luck!

  3. My little girl was a CHUNKY MONKEY! She woke up at 4am until she was 1 1/2 to eat. Even after she was off formula she would want a cup of milk. I tried the rice in the bottle with her and it did not work. It worked with my son, I know a lot of people are against doing that!