Monday, November 5, 2012

The time I practically gave myself a heart attack...

Yes, that time in fact would have been about 11:56am eastern standard time TODAY.
I accidentally hit a button and BAM my old stomping grounds went up in flames.
Okay not really into flames but I messed up the template and I couldn't get it back.
I have been wanting to switch over since changing my name but just hadn't had the time.
Well I had to make time because I couldn't handle having my blog look like that!
So anyways...
I hope that everybody finds me over here =)

In the meantime considering that my new home has ZERO followers I thought what the hell why not do a link up!

...and I know ya'll are just dying to hear about my weekend so here it goes...

Friday was just a waste of a day.
I was busy at work.
On a Friday.
That's just not fair is it?
I drowned my sorrows in a glass of the bubbly and that was all she wrote.
Of course I could tell ya all about every.single.detail. but with no pictures that is boring.

So really my weekend started Saturday.
It was our friend Scott's 41st surprise birthday party and instead of going into this big long spiel about how much fun we had I will just show you a select few pictures.
They talk more than my words ever could anyways!
Compliments of the most damn talented cake lady EVA!
If you live in the Northern Kentucky area and want an amazing cake for an amazing price message me for her information!

Yes, he was SURPRISED!

Boob glasses

Miss P and Alexis Jade!
Had to get a picture of her furry boots =)


Love these girls!


The gang minus Husby

The boyz
{please note my Husband is the only one that stands out in his bright blue!  LOL}

The Hottiez

Me with the Birfday Boyyyyyy

We decided it would be a good idea to make mustaches out of the black icing...
{All hail Marcy}

....and right after this picture is when I thought it would be a good idea to give the birthday boy a black icing SMOOCH...

Because then this happened...
Leave it to me to start an icing war!
We had the best time though and I am feel so blessed to have all of these amazing people in my life!

...and then yesterday I had planned on recouping from all of the Michy's I drank cake I ate.
But somehow Husby and I were lucky enough to score two suite tickets for yesterday's Bengals game.
Hello free food and beer it was nice to spend time with you!
...even if my belly HATES me today!

Now I am sure after seeing all these pictures you wish you lived close to me so we could be IRL friends right?
Thought so...

Well while I am STILL trying to pick the black icing out of crevices in my face that I didn't even know existed ya'll should come follow me over here =)
New and old are WELCOME!

Hope all my lil' mustache lovers are having an amazing Monday!!!!


  1. you are always so full of energy & good laughs. I do not know how anyone could not love you lol. Lord knows I do... I love all the photos & am sad I missed out on some cake icing fun :(