Thursday, November 8, 2012

GoGo Juice

Its Ok Thursdays
Its Ok...
~If I am legit freaking out about having this procedure done tomorrow.
Like peemypants kinda freakthefuckout.
But then I am like, "Oh hey self, your not going to see Aunt Flow for 5 years!!!"
Then I tend to break out in one of these numbers...
funny gifs
~If I bribe my girls with candy before 6:30AM if it means that they will listen to me...
And then I typically get something like this before I can managed to drop them off at school.funny gifs
~If I am actually considering "No Shave November" for my legs.  (just the legs people)
My Husby does it so why can't I?!
I am already 8 days in...  let's see how far I can get!
~that right about now I was praying for whatever is in her cup that had runneth ova...
Just been one of those days nowatimsayn'?!

~If my OCD arse was up at midnight rearranging closets, winterizing, etc.
Not forgetting that I woke back up at three and never went back to sleep.
Oh well at least the laundry got done right?
Think I am going to need some of Honey Boo Boo's GoGo Juice...



  1. Hey lady, I'm a new follower to your blog as of last week and i have some catching up to do. What kind of surgery are you having? I pray that your fears are calmed and you have a very speedy recovery - no matter what! I crack up everytime i watch the happy dance above!!!

  2. Cute Blog! I would freak out on not shaving my legs at least every other day!Looking forward to following!

  3. i extending no shave november to dec or feb. ha

  4. Did you see the Honey Boo Boo Spoof that Kelly and Micheal did it is hilarious! It's on my FB go looky you will roll girl like on the floor roll they talk about the juice ha! I need some of that juice ha! OK so what type of procedure are you having? Praying girl! This was a funny post I am laughing picturing doing that dance for no mo Aunt Flo for five years whoop whoop!


  5. Such a cute post-you've got my cracking up over here. Now following you via GFC and excited to read more! Praying for tomorrow's procedure and know you'll do GREAT! :-)

  6. This post just made my whole morning!! I am loving the vidoes!! Good luck today, honey bun!!