Thursday, November 29, 2012

My craft skillz bring all the boyz to da yad'

My Pinspiration for this week was:
Pinned Image
And I just kinda went with it...
Try not to be envious of my incredible craft skillz.
And I didn't feel there was any need to take pictures of every step BECAUSE it involved a lot of cursing and a legit tear from getting stabbed by a pointy twiggamabobber on the wreath whilst I was wrapping.
All ya gotta do is get some tinsel in whateva color you want.
I was boring and went with silva'.
Get one of these guys.
Cut the little twiggamabobbers off.
Mine didn't have those but whatevs.
Wrap the shiz out of it with said tinsel.
Pop a bow on it.


  1. haha! Love it all girl. It looks great :) the title of the post had me laughing.

    Thank you for linking up!

  2. That's something that I can do! I think LOL

  3. This is super cute but I love your description of it even more.

  4. This is totally my kinda craft. Cheap, easy, and do-able.

    The title of the post...I die. ;) THanks for linking up with us again love!

  5. And wrap the shiz out of it...That is my kinda DIY! :) Love how it came out, girly!!