Monday, December 3, 2012

Miss P mustache you a question...

Do you's hab sum monies to donate to da Baum famiwee????

I had a whole post planned out about my weekend filled with Pinot, great friends and all about Miss P's 4 month check~up for today.  Where I might add she took her shots like a champ and didn't send my Mama into a downward spiral where she would find herself at the bottom of an empty box o' wine and a pack of cigs...  but unfortunately it's just gonna have to wait.

I am beyond touched.
Like bring me to my knees crying like the biggest over grown baby you have ever seen touched.
This blog has been an absolute God send for me.
And ya'll... well you are just simply amazing.
This whole bloggy village is something I wish everybody would get to experience.
The gratitude I feel right now, I will probably never be able to explain.

If you have a little extra in that pocket of yours...
And trust me no amount is too small...
PLEASE go to My Christmas Angel's page and think about helping my sweet friend Traci and her 6 adorable children out.
Holly, Aly, Mama Laughlin are doing something amazing and helping out family's who are in need this year.
Well they picked my story.
I was shocked and honored.
I know so many family's are in need this year.
Times are tough and there is a lot going on.

Oh ya and I am trying to get ol' Ellen to help Traci out as well ;)
Go HERE and like my post on her Facebook page!!!

Love you more than a mustache!

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  1. I must really lurve you lol I jst typed a big arse comment and then my phone died ha! I'm loopy on meds at hospital so bare with me here ha! Holy adorable with mid thang and her stache! What a sweet idea and the story made me cry! I just think your so 'mazin just like your old blog title til u changed it up in stuff! What a great idea and I saw on fb your letter to Ellen lets hope she gets it and lets hope lots of money is earned too! Lurves ya even if u do call me Snooki than get me going and then don't reply hahahaha kidding Sums