Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Naughty or Nice?!

Well did all you bitches have a good Christmas?
Were you lucky enough to be on the Nice List????
I don't know how I managed to be, but somehow ol' Santy thought I was this shiznit this past year...
Big Daddy Santa and his lil' elves outdid themselves once again making Mrs. Momma Claus one happy lady!
Everything was all hunky dory until the evil stomach bug wreaked havoc on the Husband and me...
Prior to being on the john all day yesterday (thank gawd we have two of them) most of my time was spent doing this...

And I wonder why in the fuck I have a beer gut?

So What Wednesday
Today I am saying SO WHAT to...
~If I kept good on my word and even with getting hella sick I managed to stay drunk 89.9% of this Christmas which in my book was the best way it has ever been spent.
~If I managed to actually cook a decent dish for Christmas Eve.  My corn pudding was a mothafuknhit and Paula Deen aint got shit on me...
Like I told my Husband.
Don't expect that all the time and maybe it was just a fluke that it was that good????
~If we are moving in like two weeks and I haven't packed like anything yet...
~If I am just now announcing that we are moving...
Pictures do NOT do justice.
~If I am just in constant BETTY THE BRAGGN' BITCH mode these days...
I cannot help it.
Went to the doctor, lost 10 pounds since my last visit five weeks ago and also took 2.5% off of my BMI!!!! Not only is knowing I lost 75 pounds I fit into this small shirt that I bought a while back that has NEVER fit me... I am also participating in @shannondew #teamlegginsaspants and if you will notice I am not covering up any of my ASSets... Lets just say Husby likey ;) PS Ya'll have been so sweet, supportive, and motivational!!! #bettythebraggnbitch
Hey shameless plug here but you can find me via Instagram @themrsburris and then you would already know this ;)
It's okay you can say it...
 ~So what if I have 29084028349 piles of laundry to do and no time to do it.  Guess Husband will just have to go without underwear for a couple of days or go buy him some new ones until I can get it done.

Or hey here is an idea... He can actually do some laundry himself?!

~So what if I still have some presents to wrap.


~So what if I made my Mama cry when I gave her, her present this year.
All good tears I promise ;)

I felt pretty awesome considering she said this was the BEST present she has ever recieved!
Personalized gifts are the way to go people.
You are welcome for all my amazing advice...

So if you are one of the lucky ones who is working today I hope you are having a better day than me...
I literally feel like I am getting bitch slapped repeatedly in the face and the stomach!

Cheers in hoping for a better day tomorrow!!!!
Cheers! ……….
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  1. Merry Christmas . I hope that was truly merry for you ;)Congo for new house .
    Oh my , you've lost a lot of weight, go on ;) What's the secret :O
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Girl, you make me LAUGH! It's totally acceptable to be drunk 89.9% of Christmas. I know I wish I was. Family is hard to handle sometimes, woo!

    And I'm totally on #teamleggingsaspants - holla!!!

  3. You look HOTT I would be happy as shizit too if I lost weight like that and I am so proud of you! You look well Wow to the JWoWW and are rocking the leggings like nobodies business and all guys like a have a cute one in a non wierd just friend kinda observing way lol! LIke I told you on FB I love your ring and necklace your Snooks has a ring really similar to that one...we are all matchy matchy now! Ewww to the stomach bug, boo to having to work today, um awesome to the new house, it rocks I love the tile and well it looks like you have lots going on girl! You go girl and keep on going with your hot self and your not bragging you are being happy and proud so keep being happy and proud mmmmkay lol!


  4. sorry you weer feeling sick!! but you look super pretty in all these picks. i wish i lost weight during the holidays...

  5. I freaking love your posts. House looks good!! so does the beer :)

  6. I am dying reading your blog. New follower! Can't wait to read more!

  7. Oh how cute are those Uggs!! I want some! :)

  8. Congrats on your new house!! How freaking exciting is that!

    You are looking mighty fine lady ;) You keep kicking ass. It's surely paying off.

    Glad you were on Santa's good list there year - because we all know just how bad you really are.