Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Ok cuz I am sorry that I am not sorry!

Ugh can anybody tell me why it isn't Friday at beer:30 yet?
Is it just me though or has this week seriously drug the biggest ba donka donk eva?!
I seriously do NOT have a work brain today.

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up with two of my favorite ladies for a little It's Ok Thursday...
It's Ok...
That I told you guys a white lie yesterday...  OOOPSIE
1.  At least I am coming clean about it and 2.  I honestly didn't even know this thing existed.
Christmas Picture Fail.
Photo: I actually do have a santa fail peecture....  The Mustache Diaries Blog
Lil' bebe Marcy circa 1986 bitches.
If I have had applesauce for dinna the past two nights.  I really did forget how good that shit was.  Miss P and I enjoyed ourselves!
If I have a weird obsession with this song that my brother~in~law forwarded to me.
I mean who doesn't love a song about riding some body's bicycle???
 If I am going to make it easy peasy for you bitches and self promote myself right here and right now...  because lets be honest if you don't follow me on every possible social media I am into your missing out ;)
Instagram @themrsburris
Keek @marcykburris
Oh ya and if you haven't started following via GFC do it NOW! 
Call it classless but I don't care and e'rybody else is doinz it!
If I have been a total Betty the Braggn' Bitch over the last 24 hours...
That's a huge feat...
Especially in the months of October through early January.
Size 9 work pants.
Are you kidding me?
I seriously could not even tell you the last time I was in a size 9...
High school?
Anybody else find that they lose weight in different areas of their body the older they get?
My shoes are too big, my brazier is too lose (way too fucking lose), and a couple of years ago I just would not have been able to fit into this size yet...
Like I wanna do this dance right now...
or better yet do the CONDOMSTY
Gangnam Style.
If I may have actually gotten a tad giddy upon receiving this message in my fortune cookie ;)
See Santa does know!!!
What list are you on???


  1. Brag it up biatch! Proud of you and ready to motorboat you in your too-loose bra. xo

  2. You are doing great!
    What is keek?

  3. You are killing it! Oh yes, the weight is definitely in different places. My feet are skeleton thin, yet I still have a spare tire around my mid section.

  4. Congrats on the loss! That's amazing!!! Keep it up girl!

  5. think imma start a blog.....

  6. Awesome job!! Now tell me all your secrets so I can follow suit...but I don't want to hear anything about exercise or eating ONLY applesauce for dinner and not being a raging BIATCH for the rest of the night. K thanks. :)

  7. OMG! Congrats on the weight loss! That's AMAZING!! :)

  8. 71 pounds! Holy smokes girl geeeeet iiiiit! I'm working on losing some too you are great motivation!! Following from the hop :-)

  9. Found you from the linkup and you are freakin hilarious :) congrats on the 71 pounds especially during the holidays!!! Stop on over anytime!!!
    Nicole @

  10. 71 pounds since october YOU FAREAK! Tell me your secret.

    I effin' looove the housewives things they kill me every time, especially Nene!

  11. They dances are awesome! We should all just get up and dance a jig!!

  12. Just finding your blog. 71 lbs?! That is awesome, I would be bragging to anyone and everyone! New follower :)

  13. Wow!! That's awesome! Congrats on the weight loss. You look amazing!!!

  14. You're an effin' rockstar. That's all. Proud of you girlfriend!

  15. amazing job on the weight loss ! you look fantastic !! new follower from