Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What was the damage????

Oh hells bells I am back again.
Are you essited or what?
I know.
Two posts in one day...
Almost more than even I, myself, can handle.
When I see happy couples during the holidays.

Checking in with Courtney for "Weigh in Wednesday!"
Ya, ya know...  just trying to hold myself accountable for that extra helping of corn puddn' I had and those ten couple of suga' cookies I scarfed down.
Actually I am a bitch.
Because even though I ate too much the stomach bug helped a sistah' out mmmmk?
Now trust me even though I am not still 100% and even though I haven't done it yet ALL I have wanted to do today is chow dizown.
But... then I actually think about doing so and it makes me want to vom.
So I don't...
And to make matters worse my sweet baby girl has now come down with it.
Can you say Lysol?
I swear I need to take stock in that shit.
When I weighed myself this morning I was a whopping 166.0 but I am still sick and totally forgot to take a picture.
The last weigh in picture I took was
which was recorded on 12/16/12.
I am officially under my Diet Bet weigh-in goal.
We will see how I do.
Pray for me cuz Mama could really use the monies for some pants that fit me =)
Saggy Britches.
And here are a few progress pics if you haven't seen any yet...
Week 1 & Week 2 #dietbetchallenge comparison 4 lbs lost
Okay so how is it that I weighed more last week but look bigger this week???? Makes no sense!!!! {last week was black this week is grey} #somedaysifeelskinnysomedaysifeellikeacanofbiscuits
Picture on the left was from three months ago... picture on the right was from today.  My tree trunk legs are diminishing!!! Hollllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa#bettythebraggnbitch

HELLLOOOOOOOO SIZE 10 JEANS THAT HAVEN'T FIT SINCE MY WEDDING... SO NICE OF YOU TO COME AND RESIDE ON MY LOWER HALF AGAIN... IMMA TOUGH ONE JUST MEMBA THAT ;) I even scare the holy bageezus out of Hubby Jack aka @stnfld ;) If ya dont believe me just ask him he awarded me for just that on his blog today ;) if I could just get rid of my dam chicken wings!!! #aintnuttnbutachickenwangbaby
Went to the doctor, lost 10 pounds since my last visit five weeks ago and also took 2.5% off of my BMI!!!! Not only is knowing I lost 75 pounds I fit into this small shirt that I bought a while back that has NEVER fit me... I am also participating in @shannondew #teamlegginsaspants and if you will notice I am not covering up any of my ASSets... Lets just say Husby likey ;) PS Ya'll have been so sweet, supportive, and motivational!!! #bettythebraggnbitch
I love you all more than a baby calf loves his mommies teets.
Or tits.
Whatever they are called.
God why does my mind always go there???
Love ya'lls faces!
Hope that your night is filled with way less baby vom and shit than mine!!!


  1. Girl! You lookin' hot and sexaayy!!
    Way to go!

  2. You look freaking awesome! I am super stoked for the January dietbet coming up! Hope I see some results with that monies for inspiration!! hahah.

  3. You're killing it with the dieting!!

    The gif pics I'm dying over.

  4. Your skinny ass does need some new britches. Hoping we get to split that pot.

  5. Woah , you impressively controlled the diet . I wonder your choice of GIFs its amazing and witty ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  6. Fantastic job on your weight loss! I am hoping to find some motivation soon to get back at it.

    Your video clips crack me up! I watch ALL of those damn shows!

  7. I'm in the same boat you were with the tree trunk legs... they gots to go! You are rockin that challenge!

  8. Saggy ass pants are not hot??!!!?? Note taken - LOL

    Good job for staying on track - I commend you - as I sit here eating my cheese and crackers. UGH

    New Year = New Heather - NO EXCUSES