Monday, December 10, 2012

My Weekend update or how I managed to add more fat to my ass...

Go link up and tell us about your weekend!

This weekends update is brought to you by lots of calories and a couple pounds of extra weight on my lower back side...
Otherwise known as my ass.
When I remember that tomorrow is Monday.
I know most of you will curse me to the high heavens but as far as my weight loss mission is concerned I could really do without the weekends.
Weekdays right now are the only thing that keep me in check.
I guess it's the whole routine thing?
Over it.
Friday was great.
Saturday "day" was great....
Then I drank about 10 of these:

Cuz let's be honest...
and then made the bad decision to eat three pieces of pizza and a bread stick a piece of pizza and a bite Husby's bread stick at midnight~ish.
Trust me I paid for it in the form of what I like to refer to as...


Then yesterday was just a downward spiral heading in the exact direction of McFatty Avenue.
I ate EVERYTHING and when I say EVERYTHING I mean it.
I was like a real life version of Fat Bastard...


So after publicly bragging about those three pounds I lost I inserted my foot directly in my mouth.
Damn scale is such a bitch that I didn't even dare step an ounce on her this morning.
Tomorrow people tomorrow.
And hopefully she is nice.

So while most of you are having a normal Monday mine is consumed with water with a side of laxatives.
Minus the laxatives part.
I really need to win this DietBet!
Hope you betches weekend was better and consumed with a lot less calories than mine!


  1. Hahaha I love all these silly pictures! Brandi is a riot

  2. haha! Love it! I was the same way this weekend. They week days are so much easier for me to be 'good'! Today is a brand new day :) Where do you find all of these pictures? These are good for a quick laugh!

  3. Love the pics! And that's what weekends are for!... at least, that's what I always tell myself :)

  4. I'm dying over here lol!!!! I didn't get on the scale this am. Ima scared.

  5. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious!!!
    Found you on the weekend link up and I'm now following :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)