Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up with Neely and Amber for another edition of "Its Ok" Thursday!
IT'S OK...
~That I am an asshole.  Yes, I will say it.  For all of those times that I said I would NEVER let any of my kids sleep with me...
The Diddyness has ended up in bed with us the past two nights.
Shut the fuck up.
I already said I was an asshole what else do you want from me?
Right now sleep is just way too important.
I went in at 3 AM and sister was all bright eyed and bushy tailed and let out the biggest laugh...
Put her in bed with us.
Out like a light.
You would have thought I gave her a bottle full of whiskey...
I can assure you I didn't.
~If I hear a song and then you tube it at work and listen to it until I make myself sick.
Am I the ONLY one who does this?
Please tell me I am not...
The two songs I am doing this to currently are:
Like it's straight ridonkulous.
~If I literally gagged at a discovery I made last night...
1.  We have lived in the house we are in now for almost two years.
3.  We are moving in two weeks.
4.  Bleach on the bathroom floor that I thought was supposed to I guess look dirty now actually IS clean.
I seriously had a drink after this and I am still trying to get the bleach smell off my hands and out of my nose.
I used so much bleach in fact that my eyes burned for a good hour.
Healthy no?
~That I find it totally acceptable to not only wear mustache earrings to work but my mustache scarf as well...

~That I am actually pissed at the moment which is something I am not very often...  Unless you ask my Husband but that doesn't count does it?
I will NEVER call anybody out on this blog BUT I have commented on and tried to get into contact with one specific blogger for a while now.
I do love her blog but guess what?
After NEVER hearing back from her...
Even when I wanted to sponsor her blog.
Mama just unfollowed and I am pretty much done.
I have also noticed that she is in one of those blog clicks.
I am OVA that shit.

I left that scene way back circa 2003.
If you are a snobby biotch then you can click unfollow on this lil' blog 'o mine as well.
Mama don't play that game.
And if you are wondering if I am referring to you then yes, I probably am.
I will step of my soap box now but not before saying that I truly love ya'll.
Like I wanna squeeze the shit out of you love.
But I will not tolerate that whole click your not cool enough to be my frannnn stuff.
Guarantee you those people in real life are the loneliest people ever.
For that reason I actually do feel sorry for them!
I will NEVER do that to ya'll.
You leave me a comment I respond.
You email me I respond.

Okay anywho...
Love you bitches.
So does the Diddyness...


  1. So IT'S OK :D Haha so moustache-y living . I would love to snatch these moustache earrings ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. It's ok. I let Emma sleep with us and I never thought I'd let my child do that.

    Also, thought you should know, my stepdaughter received a very cool moustache shirt from Kohls from me for Xmas. She loved it!

  3. You are not alone, I overload on songs all the time. Overloading is what I call it when I listen to a song or number of songs over and over again until I can not listen to it anymore. I recently just got done doing an over load of the song "Some nights" by Fun. My husband dislikes it but thinks its cute because I jam out singing. lol
    I love your Mustache Earrings and Scarf.


  4. I love the earrings! No reason not to wear them to work. My nails are currently alternating black and yellow to sport my batman pride :) No shame in the game!

    And I always thought that I would NEVER let my munchkin sleep in bed with me...HA! How naive I was back in the day. When she's sick and not feeling well, I'd almost rather her sleep with me so that I can actually get some sleep instead of the constant back and forth into her room.

  5. MARCY! You are the coolest chick ever! Why would anyone not want to respond to you? Screw 'em! You rock my friend!!!! I too am wearing out a couple songs as we speak! Ha! P.S. Your little princess is the cutest :)

  6. Haha you always crack me up! I love your hair poof too. Now I want to know who this bish is makes me want to unfollow too.

  7. This might be the best "It's Okay" post i've read! I am cracking up, I can't stop watching NeNe's little clip. Love it.

  8. I listen to songs until they almost make me physically ill. Seriously, I can't stop.

    Also, I wear my bow earrings and bow scarf with my bow ring ALL THE TIME. There's no such thing as too much of a good thing. This is also how I felt about tequila in college so I might not be the best judge.

    Love your blog!!

  9. I ALWAYS listen to songs I love on repeat until I hate them so much.

    Lovin' those mustache earrings, so cute and perfect for you!

    I really hate when bloggers are like that. I've ran into that too. Like they're too good for their readers. NOT cool.

  10. Can I say how much I love your bluntness! Let the reading begin! :)

  11. Mustache earrings!!? Goes with my ring :)

    The Nene gif has me cracking up!

  12. I gotta say, I just found your blog and I'm way excited. You're too funny and interesting and the mustache thing is awesome. Can't wait to keep reading!!


  13. OK. I Love you and this bloggy blog. Don't know a whole lot but this one post pretty much seals the deal. I see a great friendship in our future! :)

  14. Oh goodness - trying to catch up on my blog reading. You are crazy my girly. Love the scarf and the earrings - and of course you can rock them like no other ;)

    Blogger cliques?!? LOL It's WORSE than high school.

    I am also not tired of that Trouble song by Taylor. However, if I ever hear that dumbass song Never Ever Getting Back Together, Ever bullshit - I may kill someone.

  15. I love that little nugget at the end. I just wanna squish them cheekys :))