Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Screams on the scale...

Pretty Strong Medicine
Today is brought to you by the sound of my screams as I stood on the scale this morning.
Yes, it happened.
I even woke the baby up.
To say I was pissed is an understatement.
I know what your thinking...
Why even get on that thing?
I thought you broke up with it?
Well I can't help it.
That is the one thing that has always held me accountable.
It's the one thing that always made me happy and made me felt good about what I was doing.
Today it just made me feel like shit.
What am I doing wrong?
I feel like part of me is to blame but part of me is like seriously how did I gain that much?
How do I seriously weigh that much?
I try so hard to remind myself that it's more about how you feel and less about the number.
I know that for the most part.
I feel so defeated right now...
Typically I would just call it a day.
I would eat a ton of crappy food and forget about working out.
But that was the old me...
The new me stopped at Kroger this morning on the way to work.
I re-stocked up on bananas, salad, all my salad fixins, and some odds and ends like natural peanut butter and kiwi.
I am determined to eat clean.
At this point I think that is my ONLY problem.
I am killing it with the workouts.
I promise I would own up to that if I wasn't.
So I am just going to continue to switch up my workouts daily.
I don't want my body to get stuck doing the same thing all the time and I think that was also a huge part of my problem in previous weeks.
I have come entirely too far to give up now.
Or for my body to give up on me.
Regardless this is fixable.
I still have quite a bit of weight to lose and fat to tone.
I really need help with my nights.
During the day I am so on point.
Nights kill me.
Ya know the down time when you can't sleep and you want to sit in front of the television and watch your favorite shows after everyone is asleep.
I reckon that I am just going to have to stock up on healthy options for myself.
It's hard when you have cabinets stocked full of chips, dips, and candy.
{curses Husband}
~I know I say this everytime but I have got to track everything I eat.
My Fitness Pal even makes it easy for me...
Yet I always fail to complete a day here or there because I forget.
That's no excuse.
Even if I am over my calories.

This pretty much goes without saying.
~Cleaner eating.
Back away from all processed foods.
~Keep on keepn' on...
Listen to my body.
Switch things up.
Work through the soreness.
Sunday will be my one rest day of the week.
Oh PS if anybody cared Barbie Mel killed me yesterday.
Well her workout did anyways.
It looked sooooooooooooooooo easy...
And then about five minutes in I was bitched slap back into reality.
Hope everybody has a happy and healthy Hump Day!!!!
PSS I love tall boys but they hate me...


  1. Oh no!!!!! I'd absolutely die. Did you try the cinnamon water??

  2. Right there with you sista! Hang in there. Your head is in the right place! Sorry the scale sucked balz this morning. Mine did too. up almost 4. so i feel your pain. But you are totally right, keep working it, and stock up on healthies. Sidebar: have you ever tried baked chick peas? Thats my healthy go to when its tv time. mostly becuase its takes 45 mins to bake so i have to commit and they are still realitively good for you and i dump garlic on them like i own it! :) HANG IN THERE! JUST KEEP GOING!

  3. I feel you. I have gained some weight back and I am so ashamed. People went from telling me how awesome I look to me now feeling embarrassed about my body. I only gained like 5 lbs. but the muscle tone isn't there anymore. Yuck. My problem? Beer! ahahaha I like to drink some brewskies on the weekend. I cant help it!

  4. You got this Marcy! I need to try Mel's workout!

  5. My biggest problem is tracking! I keep saying I need to but the day gets away from me. I had a few pound gain a few weeks ago and it was better the next week. It is great you are not letting it get you down! Push harder girl you have come a long way!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Were you going to do a cleanse? Or did I dream that? I've been thinking I need to do that too. I've been eating clean (70-80%) for the last couple of weeks, but haven't lost ANYTHING. So frustrating. I'm right there with ya girl! Good for you for not giving in and indulging. That's a step in the right direction!

  7. You got it girl! Good for you for not letting the gain defeat you!!

  8. Wow, we are in the same boat! I'm taking it day by day. Eating clean-ish is definitely my problem. We got it, girl and can totally get over this hump!

  9. Ugh - the same thing! I freaking murder my workouts. It's got to be the eats and I'm on a tracking mission to figure it out. We've got this!

  10. I am in the same damn boat!! I had been doing so good and then now the scale just keeps creeping up! I know night and weekends kill me!!!

  11. I am totally on the gain track. Ugh... This week I buckled down and now I end up with strep. F!!!! I am so glad you loved the work out - it is a good one. Tonight I have it even with glass in the back of my throat;) Love you Marcy girl - you have come so far and look so good - let it go... and just keep on being awesome.

  12. You and I are polar opposites. I do well at home and it's work where I am horrible. I feel like people are watching every thing I put in my mouth at home, so I don't. But I am a complete hog when it comes to work.

    UGH!!! Weight Watchers is about to get more of my monies.... It's the only thing that works for me and it kills me to pay someone $45 a month to lose weight.

  13. wooooo sahhhh!
    I just read a post over at Run Eat Repeat and I think it's something you should take a look at!

    I am in scale rehab because it ruins my day even when I know I've been doing so great.

    Just don't let it discourage you. You are on the right path so stay focus!

    At night, if you must eat, try something like almonds or even egg whites. Things without carbs and sugar :)

  14. Keep in mind too that muscle weighs more than fat! Keep going girl! :)

  15. Thanks for linking up with us today! We all have set backs but it's how you respond to them that matters. I would probably bury my face in some cookie dough ice cream (ehhhh...actually I would probably drink some Miller Lite.) You'll get back on track.

    Nights are my downfall too! That's why I work out at night instead of the morning usually - it keeps me busy!

  16. Stopping by from the linkup and I know I haven't read through your whole weight loss but you look like you've come soooo far!! Don't get defeated over a 6 lb gain! That could be water weight.

    OK maybe not but stillllll don't freak out! I can't wait to keep reading and getting inspired by you :)

  17. Tracking is probably one if the toughest things for me to stick to I try to remember but I usually forget.. So lately I try to think about what healthy things I'm going to eat the night before and put it in my fitness pal and see where I stand with calories and then I just tweak it thru the day.

  18. Awww You can do it!!! Just get back up and keep on going!!!