Thursday, May 23, 2013

Toya Thursday, I learned how to make a GIF... of myself, and Holly's 30 day ab challenge #nomorefoodbaby

So I know that I promised I would be back today I told a minor fib.
I totally forgot about my girl Toya and her guest posting for me.
You will LOVE her.
She is on the weight loss train herself and girlfriend has a booty to die for.
Sorry I'm not sorry for saying that.
Oh and she can fit her hands down her pants and make it look sexy.
That's talent.

OMG a guest post for MARCY!!!! Whaaat…

Ok get it together… Well now that I’m all freakin out because I’m star struck allow me to introduce myself. I’m Toya and blog over at Kismet and Kilograms (shameless plug LOL). I discuss this never ending weight loss journey, my wedding I’m planning, my family, and mental health related topics (Im a therapist by day)…basically a little of this and a little of that and that’s how I like it. I don’t want my blog to fit into one category. Oh and I enjoy this a lot...

Even with my love of the above I have still managed to lose 20 plus pounds and keep it off. I will admit that the drinks slow down the process but it is possible. You just have to be strict about EVERYTHING else!

So what finally kicked my but into high gear was getting engaged and thinking Holy crap I am going to look like a cow walking down the isle. I have battled my weight for a while and you can read pieces of my journey here. However I stopped by to say if you are thinking of starting your own weight loss/get healthy journey JUST DO IT and nope Nike is not paying me, or should I be paying them for that saying???? Either way you have to put your big girl panties on and just do it.

Complaining gets us no where but exercise and drinking water like we are being paid to (as Marcy told me to do) WILL. I was not blessed with a body that can simply shed the weight from counting points or calories,or whatever else you can count I have to exercise. Knowing this was half the battle. With that said I hit the gym and sweat, cried, walked, and eventually ran my way to a 20 pound loss. I know for a fact I look a hot mess at the gym. No cute workout attire for me. Its old school sweats from back in the day and a t-shirt. However I know eventually I will be extra hot outside the gym. So please don't let your fear of looking foolish discourage you. I have fallen at the gym (during peak hours, and once in a step class) but I keep going back, because I want the results. If you don't have a gym the same rules apply get moving just do it at home!

It WAS NOT and IS NOT easy but  IT IS worth it. To see my clothes falling off and not be forced into pants that were too small 2 sizes ago (Oh I'm the only one that refuses to buy a bigger size huh). To stop pulling at my shirt and wearing jackets even when I'm hot because my back rolls and belly are too embarrassing. these feelings are well worth it. I am no where near my goal but I'm not as far away as I was when I was sitting on the couch stuffing my face either!!

Hope you got a little motivated and if not I have a picture for you look closely at the girl whose smile is genuine. 
Yes my arms are in self proclaimed sexy big girl pants!!!!!

Thanks for reading hope you feel motivated because f I can do it ANYONE can!!!

PS Good things to come next week because I just found out to make GIFs...  of myself!!!!
PSS If you want to participate my homeslice Holly is hosting a 30 day ab challenge go over and see the details if you want in on the action!


  1. I can't wait to see the GIFs of you! :)

  2. I love reading other peoples stories. It really motivates me!

    1. I'm glad I could motivate. Thats another thing that makes the journey worth it.