Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Monday and I ain't sad about it...

Hey y'all!
Happy Monday...
I, for one, am glad Monday is here just for the shear fact that I actually feel human again.
If you follow me on IG then you know I have had the hell virus all weekend.
The best part of it was that I dropped a quick 10+ pounds.
Other than that it sucked the biggest set of balls you have ever laid eyes on.
You don't want it.
I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.
Okay maybe that is a lie.
Regardless, I bring you one of my favorite people to guest post for me today.
Love this lady and one day her and I will be sitting on a porch, sipping on some gin and juce LAIDDDDD BACK... 
Okay I am digressing.
We have practically planned our youngest childrens future together.
This lady seriously has been the kindest most motivating person to me.
She may tell you otherwise but she is MUCH more than just a boring mommy blogger =)

Hey all you fellow mustache lovers!!  This is my first guest post, normally I'm mommy blogging over at Love And Crayons and pretty much just ramble about our day to day lives raising two cute as a button little boys, but I promise you today I won't talk about poopy bums or spit up!!!

Just over a week ago I finished my very first half marathon.  I live in British Columbia, Canada and participated in the Vancouver BMO Marathon.  I have "dabbled" in running in the past, but have never been a long distance runner so didn't really have high expectations for myself although I set a finish time for 2 1/2 hours.  I just had my second son this past September and was asked by a friend if I wanted to do the half with her and I thought what better way to lose the baby weight!  And as of today I have lost the baby weight, but  nothing more!! I know its not all about the weight, but I still have a lot to go and thought running would get me svelte by the summer. No such luck there!  But I'm not giving up and I know I will get there one day!

For my training I had the help of one of my good friends, Kari, who has done one half before and numerous 10 ks.  I just started off by doing pretty much what she told me to do!!  Once I got into longer runs I would head out on my own as Kari was having trouble with her knees so I would follow the Hal Higdon Novice 1 program.  I tried to run at least 4 times a week with Friday as my long run days.  I'm not gonna lie, it was hard and I hated it.  I dreaded every run I "had" to do and was not looking forward to the race.  I pushed myself to keep going and was really looking forward to all of it being over.

So race day came and I felt like a nervous wreck.  I felt out of my element and more out of place than ever.  I thought people were looking at me wondering why this out of shape girl was here!  My husband was there the whole time helping to calm my nerves and pump me up!!  It was time to line up, do some stretches and get moving!  I had my music on and just went at a decent pace and tried not to walk too early.  I took a few walking breaks throughout the run, and lost steam a few times but kept pushing through.  It wasn't really a hilly run, but the hills that we had wore me out.  Coming around the bay I knew I was getting close to the finish and as I rounded the corner I could see it!  I pushed myself to sprint to the end and crossed the finish with a final time of 2:29:55!!! I did it!  I made my time goal with 5 seconds to spare!!  I was proud!!

 I'm sure you've heard about the runners high before, and I had never really felt it until when the race was over.  It felt so good knowing I could do it, and finish under my goal.  I can say now that yes, I am a runner, and yes I will be doing another race!!  I don't have one set yet, but I have been looking.  Next round of training the only thing I would change is to do more hill training, and more sprinting.  And, if I can do it, anyone can do it!!

and what better way to finish off a race than with shots??  You can check out my full race recap here!


  1. Hey, sweetie! Come link this up with me today!!!

  2. Can you send me that virus? I need to lose some weight! dang!

  3. Hope you feel better Marcy. You both are kick ass women and I'm crashing your porch parttaaaaaa!