Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random post #29830...

Random post #29830...
~My kid is cuter than yours...
If this isn't me at her age I don't know what is.
I used to make this face...  still do when I get a little tipsy and can't control my facial muscles.
Wish my thigh dimples could be as cute as hers...
PS I am totally kidding about her being cuter than your kid.  Totally not mean like that.
But she is really cute...
~They spelled my name right at Starbucks this morning.
This is a big deal people because typically I get Marcie, Marci, Marce...
Never how I spell it.
Means it is going to be a good day right?!
PS That's a non-fat white chocolate mocha no whip or foam if you wanted to know!
~I am officially trying the 10 day cleanse again...
It didn't work for me the first time but not because the product is bad...
My order is officially on it's way!
Go order from my girl Ashley today.
Seriously what are you waiting for?!
~This happened last night.
Doritos even a couple of days ago would have won the battle.
Not this time.
I am stronger.
I am better some nasty fake cheese flavored chip that does nothing but reside on my ass and give me orange fingers.
~I decided to rock the four eyes today...
And that is seriously all I have got...
If your bored, too and you want something to do please go HERE and vote for me today.
My sweet Husby nominated me and Mama really needs a new wardrobe nowatimsayn?!
Marcy Burris
And if you are feeling extra giving you could even share to get other's to vote?!


  1. Well I took the plunge and ordered the herbal cleanse. Just letting you know you'll be hearing from me so that we can keep each other in check!!

  2. The babe is ADORABBBLLLEEE!! I love baby bathing suits and chunky legs! I could eat her up! And her momma is looking fierce this morning Get it gurrrl!

  3. OMG I saw her pics on instagram last night and showed my hubs and was like we need one of these!

  4. She is a doll!! Also, I might have to get on this advocare wagon still!

  5. She reminds me of Molly at that age! I think it is the bald hair and chubby legs. I will have to find a picture of her and send it to you. She is super cute!!!

  6. I just finished the cleanse and it went amazing!! If you need any encouragement give me a shout!! You can totally do it!! Diddy is precious, I also wish my thigh crinkles were that cute!!

  7. She is TOTALLY cute! For the record. :)


  8. Wednesday kinda sucked for me but I got it together! I went to church and snacked on grapes instead of the cookies church provides. Can you see how huge that is? I'm an emotional eater and I thought about those damn cookies. Why yes, I do obsess over food. That's not normal? You're doing awesome! Sometimes you need to hear that from other peeps. Keep rocking! E-Diddy Esther Norine Designs estherdavison@gmail.com